YOGI PRIME REAR SEAT COVERS are just what you are looking for and need for your (Small – Smallish) to your (Big – Large) Doggy pet Buddy. Can you just see Him or Her curled up in the back seat, mini-suite?

Resting till the moment arrives to start the trail run, exercise for (Him/Her) and oneself.


PRICE: Amazon $

RATINGS: 4 out of 5


: The top cover fabric is of good heavy-duty material. While keeping your (Buddy Pet) safe in the back seat and enjoying the comfy padded truck rear seat cover which handles any dog size. The cover has built-in rubber gripping pads on the underside to stay in place.

Also, another safety device attaches to the seat belt anchoring system. So, what else, well time to hop in the truck and drive to your favorite Dog Park and let the fun begin.


PRO’S: The Black Heavy-Duty Fabric on The Face-upside is of Good Quality

  • This Dog rear seat cover fits regular-sized Pickup Trucks, SUVs, and larger Cars for the best results.
  • It seems to be handling the Large Size Dog Buddy s (hoofs) claws, so that material has to be tough.
  • Your best Buddy brings dirt, mud, snow, and sand into your vehicle, no worries later just vacuum it, wipe it down, or throw the sear cover into the washer. Remember always to read washing instructions on whatever gets thrown into a washer. I certainly need help in this area, but I have learned from my mistakes and with my wife’s guidance.
  • There are non-slip rubber grippers on the bottom side of the seat cover. The weight of your Dog buddy sets the non-slip rubber into a holding pattern for your pet’s safety.
  • Another safety feature to protect your favorite pet or pets is the attaching of the Dog harness to the seat belt buckle, just in case they need to come to a very quick stop or even an unexpected turn that may cause an imbalanced movement of passengers, Yes, I am talking about Your (Dog-Buddy) in the back seat
  • A cozy padded rear seat cover may cause (Buddy) to fall into sleep mode, but I am quite sure You have a way to bring (Him/Her) back to the moment at hand. What’s that barking sound oh! what’s in your pocket.
  • Also, so far, no soggy reports of leaking through the top fabric cover


  • It may not be a good fit for smaller cars.
  • So far only comes in black
  • May or may not be suitable for smaller doggies 3-5 lbs., not enough weight to cause the undercover rubber grids to grip the face of the vehicle seat, just saying here?

This rear seat cover is a great area after getting your dog up in the backseat of your truck and off to the Dog Park or to your favorite hiking trail to give you both exercise and breath some outside air.

He/She may get too comfy on the new padded rear seat cover, so maybe just keep hitting a few bumps in the road!

A good reason for having the rear Doggies seat cover is not only to protect your back seat from say Buddy’s claws but to give Buddy a safe environment to ride in while he/she is being transported to and fro.

I would recommend this product, Yogi Prime Dog Rear Seat Cover for these straightforward reasons the product being of solid construction.

Water, Snow, Dirt, and Sand repellent protection, and let’s not forget protection against Buddy’s paw claws causing a no-damage event to your rear seat.

Also, let’s not forget about the pockets on the sides of the rear seat waiting to collect runoff river water and other interesting ground cover materials.

Most Important of all Buddy will be safe in his domain in the back seat with the rubber grid gripping the underside of the padded cover to keep the cover stable.

Affiliate Disclosure – I am an Affiliate of many products being promoted on Amazon.com and may receive a commission if you buy something. You will buy directly from the seller of the product I am promoting in my post.

 ======> Here How-To Keep Your Doggy Buddy Safe And Secure In The Back Seat<======

Also, for extra safety coverage, Buddy’s leash can be attached to the seat belt anchor, in case of a quick on the brake coming to a stop, like right now action.

Between the cover strapping ties, the rubber grids under the bottom of the seat, and the seat belt anchoring mechanism, that attaches to your Dogs harness, all safety concerns should now be addressed.

There may be a conflict of interest when Buddy has nestled into the comfy, cozy, quilted seat cover and may not want to partake in overzealous activities at the moment.

If You find yourself in this predicament, then may I express myself, as this was not intended to be part of a Pros or a Cons in my article review. Makes me think a short snooze would be a good idea.

Can’t blame Buddy for grabbing a snooze between the dog-run areas You have planned for Him/Her. But really it shouldn’t be too difficult to bring Buddy out of a really great relaxing sleep, right?

Remember, we all like to power nap if we are given an opportunity to charge up our batteries. I couldn’t do it myself to wake Buddy, He/She may be thinking during the snooze that You are a great – not the best Doggies caregiver ever.

In conclusion, would just like to say that our pets are like our kids we need to protect and exercise them to stay healthy and keep them safe at all times. One way for sure is the Yogi Prime Dog Rear Seat Cover.

Thanks for checking out my review post. If you are interested in leaving me a comment, I would enjoy some Doggies talk., feel free to bark while here. Thanks for now……. Doug

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