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To all looking in, Hi I am Douglas and have been associated in the automotive field for 40 +++ plus years. I until I retired in 2013 owned and operated a small independent shop in my home town which I was of course born and raised. I never sold tires,  I did automotive repairs and automatic transmission rebuilding.

I became interested in the need to match tire application to various road terrain to achieve the best possible results on-road touring and off-road (4x4ing). Because… tires are so important for safety and driving confidence. New tires matched to your vehicle will keep You grounded ( tire contact to the earth has You grounded).

My Main Goal

within my website is to share with you some money-saving tips and to have fun working on your own personal Cars – SUVs – Trucks, accomplishing the replacement of parts that you can do yourself (DIY) and feeling the pride and joy when you have completed the job as you are cleaning up your tools, making them ready for your next (DIY)

I am available to respond to areas that may capture your attention and to share my thoughts with You.

Sharing with You and rolling down the road …

tires- cars-suvs-trucks

I have been around for a while (senior citizen now).  My personal experience with tires years back,  was as follows…, driving into our driveway which is about 65 feet long and in a rush, and at times who isn’t ?,  decided to keep on the accelerator a little too long,  thinking my new tires well (6 weeks old) would serve me well on the way to my quickly approaching aluminum garage doors,  my side not the wife’s (thank goodness).

WELL….. when the brakes were applied aggressively,  the vehicle did not necessarily stop,  it was like my brakes were not responding to my command on the brake pedal.  Well again a quick recap,  brakes applied aggressively,  and I am thinking a little to late,  also on top of the wet stone driveway,  and driveway speed rather a large factor here.  So….. viewing my garage door when it’s up where it should be when entering into my garage,  is so much different than when one is sitting in their vehicle a 1/3 of the way into my garage door,  with the garage door still in the “closed position”.

JUST SAYING:  Tires,  when the good rubber meets road surface and tires are married to the application required,  “You” won’t be sliding thru your garage doors.

IF You ever need any feedback to keep you rolling,  contact me below.  Visit often,  I may have another tire issue story, not thinking it’s going to be me this time,  but probably one of my friends,  with his or her permission only.

Here to help you with your Automotive questions and to steer you in the right direction.

Thanks for viewing my website,  safe driving.

Founder of Tires Car SUV Trucks   

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