How to Choose Tires:

Purchasing New Tires can a great shopping experience, using a Tire Essentials Guideline,  that being the right tire to fit your application (your ride).

All-Season Tires:yellow car

Safe to say, best for spring, summer, and fall. would not be suitable for winter snowy conditions (be safe here!). Backing up this with a note about the “Tire Compounds” on all season tires work fine above 7 degrees Celsius or 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

So once the temperature drops to around (-10C/14F) the rubber starts to harden like plastic and is less likely to be flexible on asphalt, this is where the tire is not being true traction to the road (grounded).

Winter Tires:  

Composed of special compounds to improve the “bite ” for traction and the “grip” for stopping, when the temperature is below the 7-celsius or 45-Fahrenheit mark. This tire certainly being your best choice as your winter friendly tire (safety and confidence builder here).

Whether for working or pleasure use (skiing, snowboarding, sledding, hiking etc…) when dealing with snow and cold weather You can’t go wrong here. Enjoy your winter activities.

Tires Marked With Mountain or Snowflake Symbol:

Image result for light truck snow tires snowflake symbol

Are also built to provide you with good driving (confidence, stability, and safety) in any weather conditions that nature has to offer.


Keep in mind:  If You are a ( mountain person hiker, skier, snowboarder etc…) your ultimate best choice would be, full out “Snow Tires”. You want to get to your mountain downhill run,  not to challenge an uphill mountain ride on the “Wrong” choice of tires.

(A note here).  The mountain snowflake symbol does, in fact, represent tires to be designed for cold and snowy winter conditions. Performance tested to meet or exceed industry established snow traction requirements.

So on a personal note here, I ran the all season (Mountain Snowflake Symbol) for all my winter needs, that is based on> the same tires were being used on the police cruisers in our local area in town and on freeway patrol.

Once again that is the (3 Peaked Mountain with the Snowflake in it) That is an extremely important empowered symbol.

Performance Tires:Image result for performance tire

Assumes the role of a higher “speed rate” for handling and control at the faster speeds. Remember because of Tire Compounds, the results will be a stiffer tire ride,  but a wider tire for maximum contact with the road surface ( dry paved roads are best here).

M+S Tires:Image result for free images of kumho tires with M+S symbol

That display the ( snowflake symbol) is not the comparable cousin to the all-season tire displaying the “Mountain/Snowflake” all-weather Tire Symbol, I would ask the” Tire Techie” to qualify the difference between the two tire ratings to best fit your application.

Just saying that this Tire may offer great traction and used in rain and slush and light snow conditions,  the report on these tires may or may not be conclusive to say ‘nay’ to being passed or approved at ensuring effectiveness in” winter driving conditions”.

M+S in the early years was defined as a “Mud and Snow Tire” only because they worked better than the old bias tires. As one found out that the M+S brand Tire did not always make the difference of getting to work, getting home or getting stuck somewhere in between.

In conclusion, drivers found that a geometric definition (M+S) doesn’t mean it’s all that great as winter snow and ice traction tire.  Now that being said, the newer version (M and S) plus a pictograph of a Mountain with a Snowflake in it actually do work in real winter snow conditions.

So there, I hope I have made the vision clearer to You on the M+S  Tires, and the M+S mountain with a snowflake in it.

Safe to Drive in Winter Tire markings
3 Peak Mountain Snow-Flake Symbol

Off-Road / All Terrain Tires:

the gripper

This Tire covers your off-road driving needs such as the snow world environment, as well as gravel,  stone,  soil and of course those sandy hid away beach areas 🙂

These Tires will deliver your off-road needs with their multifaceted thread blocks, that deliver traction in any direction for your adventures in the wild.

Hope You found this helpful when the time comes for You to pick and choose the rubber,  that will fit your driving needs and to build in comfort, safety, and confidence for You and your family.

Aggressive Tread Verses Possible Higher Road Noise Levels:


Great Tire to Application Required.

The only Downside to aggressive tires would be noise

So turn up the volume on your favorite tunes.

Otherwise, enjoy your ride on your new tires

<<<<<<<< Less Tire Noise Here – To Increased Tire Noise Here >>>>>>>

All Terrain-More Road Noise Expected Here
Picture of a good quality summer tire” very low tire noise.

More Tire Talk To Follow Soon.

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