How to Remove Rusted – Seized Spare Tire – Chevy Truck

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Are you having a problem removing your spare tire from your Chevy Truck

Hey! I could not get my spare tire down and off my holding mechanism from underneath my Chevy Truck. I thought it would be a good time to let you know how to tackle this situation if you are a Chevy Truck owner, so as to heads up you not having problems like I did of course, when you least expect it.

The Chevy Truck spare tire holder has a problem Here!.

That just happens to be the Spare Tire holding mechanism (the nightmare begins here). Why do you say, well because the safety mechanism that holds the Spare Tire in place for easy access, corrodes and turns into a frustrating job to free the mechanism so as to free the tire and rim. So here we are under the truck looking up at the spare tire that needs to be installed on the rather flat front tire of the truck.

How can we make this work !

  1. Do we have all the necessary tools to do the job where we are at the time, my first thought would be a Big Voiced Out “NO!”
No Means No
Press For No
  • Do we have BCAA Membership, chances are a 50-50 yes or no. If you, said no then a Tow Truck will have to be your next option. But hey if you have BCAA, guess what they will have to call in a Tow Truck also to get you to a garage-shop of your choice.
  • Best choice of all before you go anywhere and you haven’t checked that spare tire hanging there under the back of your hidden away area, is to do before (the nightmare) begins on the road somewhere out there.
  • Here are some tools needed and other things 

    • A ratchet, a short extension, and a 15 MM socket. How about a small compact tool kit you pack everywhere
    • A medium to large flat-blade screwdriver
    • Find where your spare tire kit is hiding and waiting for you.
    • Maybe a pair of channel lock pliers or an equivalent tool.
    • WD-40 Penetrating Oil is always a friend in need to help out.
    • Note: protective eyewear and rubber gloves for your safety.
    • Lastly a small hydraulic jack, maybe?

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    Ultimate Eye Protection on The Job
    Safety Wear For Your Precious Eyes

    Okay so let’s get at it, it’s not coming down by itself

    First understand that the safety release mechanism that should allow the tire to be cranked down and easy to remove from its saddle in position, will most likely not happen without a fight. Road film spray mostly from water and salt will after years rust the release lock mechanism thus locking it into the lock position. As we all know a spare tire does one no good if one can’t get it down and out into the playing field.

    Really we don’t know yet if we have a problem until we start lowering the Spare Tire

    Step 1: Is always safety first: Put your vehicle in park range and emergency brake applied, there that’s done, especially if I am working on an incline, it just feels good to know safety first!

    Step 2: Get out your tire drop-down kit, different model trucks may/will conceal the tool kit in different hiding locations, you can check in the car/truck manual or just go on a tool kit treasure hunt if you have lots of free time on your hands.

    Step 3: Lay out your spare tire kit and assemble it as required. Remember we are talking Chevy Truck here so get your keys out to unlock the entry door to the Tire Locking Mechanism

    DW-40 A Great Rust Fighter
    Best Line of Defence Against Rust

    Compartment. Tip Here, grab the DW-40 and spray the tumbler (moving Parts of the locking system). Put it aside until ready for reinstalling at the end of the project. After assembly of the various lengths of rods, then insert in through hole and make a connection to the end stop of travel.

    Step 4: Now that you are connected start turning to lower the tire to the left (counterclockwise). Here is where you or I am going to find out after dropping the spare tire down approximately 3 inches if the tire comes to a stop about the 3-inch mark below the safety mechanism, then it is corroded in the lock position, oh darn let the fun begin – “Not”.

    If on the good side of lowering the spare tire, it comes down all the way until it stops at its designated drop-down point, then, Hooray! the system is working correctly.

    Step 5: It’s corroded, and the tire won’t come down. If we take the license plate off we will have a working hole to attempt to free up or move the safety mechanism to the release position. Also, another position of attack at this safety mechanism would be ground level on your back or on your side. You choose your position for the striking force to begin, I found out that my tummy/belly muscles didn’t seem to function well, (It’s an age thing). I certainly put in a great effort. Well at least I feel I did put in a good effort but I was lacking the stamina and endurance to keep me trying and not gaining Much.

    Step 6: I give up, I found a Video that helped me get to the end of my challenge with the frozen spare tire safety mechanism dilemma. I believe this will be the answer to some of your questions and fill in areas that maybe we’re not that clear in my writing. One way or another that spare tire has to come out of there.

    Step 7: Enjoy the video below to free up your trapped spare tire, waiting to be put into action when you have a flat tire issue.

    Just Hang in Here, After About 20 Seconds into The Video, He Will Show You The Spare Tire Dilemma.

    My Mission Statement: Here to help Males, Females the Young, and the Inspiring Aging who are interested In Do It Yourself (DIY). How to Repair (Fix) your rides aliments while enjoying the fulfillment of (DIY) pride.

    Maybe you have already run into a spare tire issue as in the above video, what I am saying here is that if you have a comment or a story that you would like to share, then please let me know about it. The more on hands experiences the more others can learn too.

    You Got A Story Then Let Me Hear It, I love other’s accomplishments.

    I Love a Good Story

    Thanks For Now … Doug

    Male mini worker
    Here To Help

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