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I am going to hang some pictures of some of the older generation’s loved and respected cars and trucks, possibly along with some new more current auto versions.

Keep in mind that as I place pictures on the page with their great-looking Tires and awesome must-have Rims,  they will be randomly picked and posted.

I am thinking at this point in time,  that may or may not change,  that I will be working with the Chevy, Ford, and Chrysler Families.

So if You ever got to get behind the wheel and drove one of these gracious cars or trucks, You would be noticing that on a cold morning or a vehicle that has sat for an extended period of time, when You went to drive away that the ride would be noticeably quite rough.

Now that would have been due to the make of tire composition that was used in the “bias-ply tire” that started out rather flat on the bottom until the tire warmed itself and then reformed its contour of being round again.

Randomly picked a truck here:   although maybe the colors could be influencing me to post one of so many awesome

Red Truck Picture by Pixabay.

trucks of  (yesterday past) is that even a word or did I make that up?

As you are probably aware these vehicles of time past,  are,  I am quite sure “tire dressed”  with the best Rims and best Tires to fit the vehicles and the driver’s application.

It’s time for me to go and look at an older time “SUV”  not really sure what I am going to come up with,  so this might take a while.

Why, because I just Love looking at these wonderful Cars and Trucks of the past and what is now being done in the world of restoration and customization,  but I will be back after I do my search.

SUV of the past: 

  • Fact or Myth here?
    Image result for free images of panel trucks


Okay so back in the day,  this vehicle was probably more so-called a (panel van) which today it would be, or might be called an “SUV” of sorts.

Alright then,  I am finding that I am losing my grip on what I am trying to bring back to this site of mine,  and that is “Tire Talk”  I am behaving like a worn set of Tires that can’t seem to stay grounded to the route of my destination.

Tires: that’s why I am here.

I am not an expert “yet” in Tire management,  I was in the Automotive Field,  Heavy Duty Truck Field and then specialized in Automatic Transmission Diagnostics and Rebuilding.

  • Moving On Now
    Image result for utqg rating meaning

I am now finding more of a bonding time with the Rubber that makes contact with the road surface,  whether that being Freeways – Highways,  Mountain Terrain adventures, or anything in between, by where the safety of drivers, passengers, and family members are Priority while out on the road traveling to one’s destination with the correct tires that fit the designated environment.

Uniform Tire Quality Grade (UTQG)  This is to inform the buyer of information on the “tread wear, traction, and temperature capabilities ” of each Tire,  this may appear on the tire sidewall or something like this (150 AB).

The breakdown of the numbers and letters is this:  ‘150’ indicates tire tread wear ratings,  ‘A’ indicates traction ratings, and ‘B’ indicates temperature ratings.  Just remember that the numbers and letters displayed here are just being used for breakdown purposes.

Now the other term:  ‘Tread Wear Indicators’  which is the tire wear status,  those being the narrow bars that rear their heads when the tire tread is worn below the legal limit of, 2/32″ of an inch.

Need To Look Closely

Do You See Those Little Wear Bars

This converts to less traction and less water displacement in the rain which could convert to planning or riding on top of the water not cutting through the water like a new tire would. Picture by Bing  Also worn tires are more prone to the intrusion of unwanted projectiles such as nails, screws, anything with a sharp piercing edge,  and no those wear bar indicators that run between the tire tread are not there to give You more traction at the end of your tires life.

mud truck

Are You, looking for this kind of Tire Traction, then You must like water and mud, all in day off-roading. 
Or are You,  looking to play in the snow for a while, some snow skies or a winch might be a good idea to pack with You. Or some other Accessories.What about,  a nice drive on a beautiful sunny day mixed with possible cloudy conditions with your new Tires and Rims? Make the day yours, drive, and explore the road ahead. Find Your Way.

Hoping I have given anyone that has dropped into my site a bit of tire rating in-site to help you with your tire purchasing

Thanks for now…Doug

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15 thoughts on “Tires Car Suv Trucks

  1. Nomi

    Hello Are you still working on this site?

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    1. Hi Stella, at this point, I am still on and off with working on my website. If I get really serious I will certainly get back to You.
      Thanks, for now …Doug

  3. Yeah oh man TIRES can make or break the truck.
    N u right you need to get the right ones!
    do you recommend any particular brand?

    I have a Ford F250 SD crew cab 8ft bed 4 wheel drive with 4 inch lift?

  4. Thanks for all the tips and pointers, if I wanted to purchase tires from you how would I go about that?

    1. Thanks for your comments, but at this point in time I have not yet set myself up with an Affiliate company.
      Still working on my website. Planning to take action on the set up quite soon now.

  5. As someone who knows next to nothing about cars, this was a nice read. Thank you!

    1. Thank You for your taking the time to do a read on my website Mayo, all the very best to You ….Douglas.

  6. my first car was a 57 Chevy I dragged out of farmers field – 4 doors – 3 on the tree and so much fun for all of us. Dave

    1. Hi Dave, a gem then and still is, my first was a 57 Ford Fairlane 4 door also 3 on the tree. thanks for cruising around on my site, I still have lots of work to do a little each day.

  7. Thanks for leaving a comment for me, I am moving forward like the turtle but I am making headway, looking forward to getting my site built up and in working order

  8. everyone needs tires – you should be able to use this info to tie in and recommend ones to by and get affiliate income form your advice. We all need them.

  9. M. Gouldman

    Very informative post! I live in the midwest and the winters can get pretty harsh and so having good tires is a must. Are there any places or sites that you know of that would offer great deals on tires for SUV’s? I know tires can get pretty costly so I’m always looking for a great deal.

    1. Doug

      At this point i am still building my site and still have a lot of work ahead of me, at some point i will have a contact list , thank You for your time and your comment.

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