How To Replace Car Cabin Air Filter – For Clean Air

Have You often wondered how to replace your Cabin Air Filter and where it lives in your Car.

Today I am going to show You where the Cabin Air Filter takes up residence in your Car, SUV, or Truck.

Your Glove Box just doesn’t store and hide your vehicle’s paperwork and other interesting things. Yours and mine’s Cabin Air Filter is housed up in behind the Glove Box.

Now that we know where the filter resides, let’s get out the old one and replace it with a new one.

Open your Glove Box and drop the compartment door down and unlatch the clips so the door opens or flops down all the way. Usually one clip on each side. Oh, Yah! I found it much easier to remove all my paperwork and small glove box, Manuel, before unhinging, before they hit the rubber mat on the floorboards adding to cleaner up, darn.

Keep in mind, that some Cabin Air Filters may live in other areas of your vehicle, so just check your Rides car manual or on (Google Search).

Now that we have located our own cabin air filters in our own vehicles, let’s get it out of its, I’m sure dirty living environment. Chances will be good here that there will be lots of caked-on dust and dirt and other debris, that You may ask the question of how do pine needles and small nuts get in here. Just saying we all get surprised by things we see at times.

You can either go to your favorite parts store Girls or Guys where you get to talk to people or order through your favorite online parts store.

Here is a list of Cabin Air Filter Facts

  • Which way does the filter go in
  • What happens If I don’t change my (CA-Filter)
  • When Should I Change It
  • Tools needed, how about safety gear requirements?
  • Reusable or Replacement Style


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Which way does the filter go in is identified by “Arrows —>” of direction or “This Side Up”

What happens If I don’t change my (CA-Filter) odors from the outside environment will be accessed into your vehicle’s cabin area uninvited. That accumulation of pollutants from outside sources has been proven to be unhealthy for the environment inside our vehicles.

I/we should be changing our Cabin Air Filter around 30,000 Miles or 50,000 Km. Now keep in mind, that is fine for no to slight dusty conditions, but for dusty heavily polluted areas more frequent changes are necessary for oneself and any passengers riding with you. Even If you’re driving skills aren’t the best, the air that they and you breathe will be good quality.

Tools and Safety equipment that may be needed for the filter replacement. A flat blade screwdriver, maybe a Phillips style, even a pair of pliers just for standby.

If for some reason you may be working upside down then “safety glasses” would be a good choice here.

Ultimate Eye Protection on The Job
Safety Wear For Your Precious Eyes

I always like the protection from contaminants getting onto my skin by wearing rubber gloves (Blue) being my FAV color, probably by now, there could be a rainbow of colors to fit ones working mood, for Girls and Guys.

There are two types of (CA-Filters) One you remove and toss to the recycling bin, replacing with another (paper filter element), or the (reusable type) that allows cleaning and reusing the product many times over.

A flat blade screwdriver, maybe a Phillips style, even a pair of pliers just for standby.

If for some reason you may be working upside down then safety glasses would be a good choice here

This is the Reusable Cabin Air Filter, more money for the layout but will last a very long time. May even be the last filter you will have to buy for your vehicle. (Cabin air filter)

In conclusion, If you’re not sure your Car – SUV – Truck has a Cabin Air Filter just check with your favorite Mechanic, check your vehicle (Mini Manuel) or go online with your (Year, Make, and Model) Should We be on top of changing out our (CA-Filters) Yes for the sake of keeping( Micro-Germs, Pollen and Allergenic Pollutants) on the outside while being protected on the inside of your vehicle with clean pollutant-free air.

My Mission Statement: Here to help Males, Females the Young, and the Inspiring Aging who are interested In Do It Yourself (DIY). How to Repair (Fix) your rides aliments while enjoying the fulfillment of (DIY) pride.

If You have a comment or even a good story to share about changing your Cabin Air Filter, I would love to hear it

Till the next “How To Do It Yourself” enjoy doing your own repairs Guys and Girls. More (DIY) Over Here.

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