Tires Review 2018

Published on: May 29, 2018

Product Name:Goodyear DuraTrac Tires

Price: Individual Pricing Per Manufacturer

Rating:Customer Review Chart

Website:  Good-Year

[Tire Pros: ]

#1 Great tires in the snow-mud trails and on the highway.

#2 Buy the tires that are the best buy for your $-dollar.

#3 Not a noisy tire on the highway for the heavy lug tread fitted to this tire.

#4 These tires have a good life expectancy, highway driving, and off-road navigation to your favorite destinations.

#5 These tires run extremely well in cold Alaskan weather as well as in normal operation to high heat conditions, like a desert in California.

Goodyear Tire-DuraTrac
A Great Solid Tire All Around

[Tire Cons:]

#1 According to some of these brand tire buyers, the side wall may be a little thinner than some other tires on the market.

#2 May want to be mind full on the size of truck these tires will be applied to and the workload that may be required to handle.

#3 Don’t buy cheap tires, buy good proven brand-name tires. Remember tires are an investment to safeguard you and your family. 

#4  These are pretty pricey tires, but don’t think that you can use this tire where a 10-ply tire was used on your truck before with great success to your work needs.

Good Tread To Drive On For Your Safety And Your Passengers.

Who is it for:

The people who benefit are the ones who buy good >>>>> quality tires<<<<< with the mindset of safety for the family members and oneself while out driving on the busy roadways. Also for the weekend trail-blazing 4×4-er, let’s make a new road here for the outback club. Sand – Mud – Snow – it’s all Go


Good quality tires are an investment in one’s safety and well-being. Enjoy the ride.

road trip

Then enjoy the open Road:

If You have a story about your tires that you would like to share, I would be more than happy to answer your comments… Thanks for now…  Douglas

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