Tire Maintenance Tips

First Off let’s Get This Tire Maintenance Tip Out In The Open – Rotate Your Tires Every 10,000 to 12,000 km – Only, Because You Will Improve Your Overall Performance and Longevity of Your Tires Where They Meet and Greet The Road Surface

Rotating Tires
How To Rotate Tires

Okay! So I Know I can tell by the sighing sound that you didn’t take your favorite ride to your favorite shop to have your yearly wheel alignment inspection done at 25,000 km. Well your not the only one, I missed that totally, I forgot. The funny thing even when I hit that pothole and jerked the truck around, I should have clued into making a note of that very incident for future reference.

 6 Tire Maintenance Tips That are Going To Keep You Safe Out there On Your Road Trips and For All Your Local Events.

Let’s Get This Figured Out and Start Checking our List Off.

  1. Your Tires Air Pressure – If You Don’t Know off The Top Of Your Head Where One’s Memory is Stored, Then Check The Driver’s Side Door Post, That’s Where The Tire Pressure Numbers Hang Out.
  2. Your Tire Tread Depth – Less Tread Less Grip – More Tread Bigger Bite To Road Surface And That’s What You Want, For Peace Of Mind Driving.
  3. Your Tires Do They appear – To Have Bulges or Puffy Looking Bumps on The Side of Your Tire or Tires? Don’t! Try And Pop The Air Bubble Yourself, Unless You Have Your Spare Tire  Handy To Make the Tire Swap ON The Spot, You Will See Your Tire Go Into The Flat Tire forever Position. Years and Years Ago, I Experimented With A Tire Bulge That Had Interior Tire Air Trapped In Side Wall. I Had A Spare Tire, Just Forgot To See If There Was Air In It. NOPE!.
  4. Your Tire Age – It’s Okay To Give Your Age Here. Just Remember That After So Many Years Your Wrinkles, I Mean The Wrinkles On Your Tires Will Be Showing Their Age. So Be Aware That Even Though The Mileage On The Tires Are Low The Age On The Tires May Be High (8 To 10 Years Maximum) For Good Solid Tire Life, may want to cover your Tires to Protect from suns exposure on Tires
  5. Your Tires Are Older Than You Thought. This Is Where You Need To Inspect Your Tires on Your Vehicle Or Have A Tire Shop Inspect For Your Safety Sake.
  6. Your Tire Is Cracking Up – Look In Between The Tread Or On The Side Wall Of Your Tires for Small Line Cracks Or Small Opening in Your Tires, If So It’s Tire Replacement Time. I Know Where Is That Money Going To Come From?

Let’s See How You Can Make Your Tires Last Longer – 3 More Tips Here.

  1. Your Tires If You Are Running Two Sets, One Set of Four, For Summer and One Set of Four, For Winter, I Know that’s a Lot of Tires. Let’s Say You Have A Shop or a Garage, Then Preserve Them Till Next Year – Wash and Clean Them, Both Rims And Tires, Adjust Tire Pressure, Keep Them Wrapped if They Are Exposed to Sunlight, You know Keep Those Ultraviolet Rays From Attacking The Rubber.
  2. Your Tires Will Love You back If They Are Stored in a Cool Dry Place Like That Special Room You Keep Your Wine in, Should Still Be lots of Room Right? Good Excuse To Make More Frequent Trips Down to Check on Your Tires.
  3. How About This one – How You Drive Matters A lot. Do You Drive Aggressively, Fast Around Corners, You See a Pot Hole in Road Instead of trying to Miss Pot Hole, Do You Speed Up And Try To go Air Born Over It. I Have Tried That Without Much Success at All. Next Step Wheel Alignment Shop, OH! Darn!. Talking About Accelerating and Squealing Tires, That is so Tough and Rough on Your Tires. When Your Tires Are Barking Noises, That Means Rubber is Disappearing Rapidly From Your Tires At One’s Expense.
  4. This is an Add-on: If You Are a Speeder and You Have Been Stopped Too Many Times And Maybe You Were Commissioned Not Too Drive Anymore For 3 to 6 Months By a Higher Authority, Then That Would Then Be an Optimal Time To Store All Your Tires Together. Certainly Would Take The Thought Away From You Thinking You Might Go For a Joy Ride Before “Your No DriveTime”  Was Full-Filled.

Just To Sum Up Here:

  1. Do not Install Different Sized Tires on Your Vehicle, Keep The Size as Per Vehicle Specifications.
  2. Best To Replace a Set of Four Tires All at The Same Time.
  3. Remember To Rotate Those Tires.
  4. Do not Mix Different Tire Makes or Different Tread Designs. Be Consistent Tread Patterns.
  5. I Can Hear You Saying Now, “No Problem I Got It”

Where is My Spare Tire Hiding Out And Can I get At It When Needed? This Might Be A Good Time To Look And Find The Living Quarters of Your Spare Tire.

  • In the trunk of your passenger car, Is it a full-size tire or a mini version?
  • Underneath the box of a pickup truck, also remember where the lowering and raising of the tire tool resides.
  • A compact car or SUV may have it well protected under a cover in the rear compartment area, just hiding out there waiting to be used some time in its life.
  • When you have found your spare tire then give it a squeeze, is it holding air or is it in soft mode?

Maybe You Are Looking For New Tires and If You Are Then Go Here.

I would Very much like for You to leave a comment, or even a good story about your tire events either good or not so good

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