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Mature Old Tires
Tire Life Here – Has Now Expired

Will certainly depend on the application of the environment the tire is designed to perform in,  the Tire Tread construction will determine the adhesion of the tire to one’s choice of ground/terrain surface.

To be considered: of why Tires may have a shorter lifespan than others tires of the same:

Speeds at which one finds themselves motoring down the road,  Road surface terrains,  such as mountain road adventures, not well-maintained roads,  loose gravel and pothole infested roads.

Then one runs into rough and jagged black top after winter has redesigned the configuration of the road surface. I am sure You could think of many more terrain areas that would bite away at the rubber on one’s tires.

Wire Cording Exposed-To Be Discarded

So I am saying,  factor in your equation,  a Tire that will meet the standard of application for your road traveling needs.To much stress put on this Tire.   ———- Its more than done.

Okay,  what I like to do whether I am running on my still good tires of 2 or 3 years or Brand New Tires, is to take time and do a Tire Inspection. Myself I like to wash my truck by hand, well!  not always, the car wash draws my attention at times.

So truck washed,  tires dressed up with Tire Shine the satin black look,  not the wet shiny appearance,  but that’s me,  its all good if your Tires are clean,  it’s like if I wear a nice pair of shoes I feel good,  same with the tires.

Okay, I am slipping off track here,  back to the tires. So tires are drying and coffee close by, I check my tires for Any cord or fabric appearing threw the Tire Surface: Bulges,  cracks,  or splitting or chunks of Tire Tread that should be there and is now missing.

The Forgotten Tire On The Forgotten Vehicle

Any foreign intrusion into the tire tread or sidewalls like a screw or a nail. Any strands of wire protruding from the side of your tires after that intimidating large rock or tree that came out of nowhere to meet and greet your tire.

Okay, so I am still on the ground checking out the Tires,  knocked over my coffee while picking up my Tire Gauge that I dropped, checking my Tire Pressures and adjusting air as needed, I then look for wear on the tread surface to see if I need a wheel alignment after hitting that big pot hole last month.

My Tires or still good because I don’t see those little “Tire Wear Bars” that appear when tires are reaching the end of safety to the occupants riding within the vehicle.


Going to Recap Here:

Do This Often Check your Tire Air Pressure.   Check your tires for those Tire Wear Bars between the Tire Treads.   Have your Tires Balanced if You feel an abnormal vibration on the road.

Rotate your tires usually recommended every 10,000 miles, this increases the life of your tires with a more even Tire Wear to all tires.   If You feel that your vehicle is pulling to the right or left, then You may need a wheel alignment to correct this and to once again increase the Life of Your Tires.


LASTLY:  things to try and avoid if possible, which I seem to have a slightly difficult time with is:  speeds at which one travels,  those fast starts,  stops,  and turns,  pot holes and things on the road that I always seem to see too late to avoid,  ouch!.

Avoiding those curbs or sidewalks that make an appearance to greet one’s Tire on a short turn, Curbs Love to Rub My Tires,  is it just me!

THANKS FOR READING                   Image result for free google images of blown tires                  https://s3.amazonaws.com/images.wealthyaffiliate.com/profiles/778256/1476557979_thumb.jpg

All in days fun and more

Treading in the right direction.

Keep in mind: That your Summer Season Tires You have installed on your special custom Eye Appealing Rims will give you a smooth free-flowing movement on the road.

Tread design changes on your tires whether You drive a Car an SUV or a Truck. What I am saying is that the more aggressive all-terrain tires one buys, the possibility is great that more tread – road noise while driving on smooth road surface will exist.

That’s all good, the only thing one may have to do is increase the volume of your favorite tunes. Keep them wheels rolling to good times ahead.

All Terrain- Rugged   Gripping Here.

My Grip on Tire Tread is Slipping,  I Should have You Over In The Traction Page Of My Website.

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6 thoughts on “Tire Life

  1. Simon

    Hey great info man!

    My Renault Laguna is sitting on 17 inch tires and oh my, are they not important for my car. The air pressure is what I’m generally concerned because every time I go to a garage for the seasonal tyre change, they set the air pressure without taking a look at the driver’s door sticker which shows how to properly inflate them.

    Is it mandatory to rotate my tyres every 10k miles?

    1. Doug

      Hey Simon.

      Most garage/tire/shops are in the know for setting tire pressures just by looking at your tire application size and profile. Good question about tire rotation every 10,000 ks/miles. The main purpose here is to allow you to achieve maximum tire Life wear and to maybe exceed the tire Life expectancy.

      You know another good point in your favor would be to make sure wheel alignment is good, so that your tires will run true with less wear issues. A point to ponder is if you have hit any large pot holes in your travels, that for sure can cause an out of alignment concern.

      Keep your wheels rolling safely to all your destinations.


  2. Jean

    Great article. People are not always aware hoe important it is to check tires often. I have mine rotated, balanced and wheel alignment done every service and it really helps prolong the life of your tires.


    1. admin

      Thanks for commenting on my post, I see you are certainly taking care of your tire management.


  3. Jacob

    Hi, Douglas.
    You were spot on in this article about tire life.
    I usually do those important tire safety checks myself, but most of the time I am abroad away from the family, so, therefore, I taught my wife to do the checks herself, well, those she can, or to ask the gasoline attendant to check the tires everytime she turns into a gas station to fill up.These checks are very important especially when driving long distances.
    I think you pointed out some more tips I need to convey to the wife.
    Thank you for these tire tips!
    Cheers, Jacob

    1. admin

      Hi Jacob, thanks for taking the time to comment of my website(work in progress). Certainly glad that You found my information of value . You definitely are tuned into seeing the importance of keeping an eye on your tires for the safety of our loved ones. Our driving confidence relies on the rubber that meets and greets the road surface.

      Follow the journey to Your success………..Douglas

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