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Automobile Car Mechanic

( Male or Female) Love them or Leave them. Like any occupation in today’s society, building trust and friendship has to be earned continuously, day in and day out. Not everyone will like each other because of possible attitudes or behavioural actions, remember that first impressions of someone or something may or may not steer one in the right direction.

Your Mechanic (Technician) can become your go-to (Girl or Guy) when you along with your car are feeling stress-related issues. Meaning of course when your car is not working well, that will certainly also have an anxious effect on the owner as well. So you were recommended to go see this new Mechanic because you trust and respect your good friend’s advice.

You and your good friend are two different individuals who found a common ground to stand on together, but at first, maybe the ground surface was a little bit shaky and crumbly but you both found a way to strengthen to a solid foundation.

Okay, You have made your Appointment, and your request for a Mechanic (Him or Her) has been set up. The day has come for you to drop off your car, sure you are anxious, that’s your Love on wheels going to be driven into the shop. You hand the keys over to a stranger and you make sure it goes into the shop because this is your very first visit here.

Now just remember when you made the appointment and described it in the best terms you could think of just maybe, it was just not enough information to qualify the repairs needed. If that’s the case with your vehicle then it’s okay that a road test may have to be performed to pinpoint the repair zone needed.

Yes! that’s your car heading down the road and you are not even in the passenger seat of your own car. Hey now that can be certainly an anxious moment in itself, standing there watching your car disappear around the corner then out of sight, but so relieved to see it coming back to you from the next block away. What I am saying here and I don’t really need to say it, is building trust with others at first is not all that easy to do.

Shop Bay door opens and in goes your Love (car) The Mechanic (Technician) gets out of your car and hooks up a laptop computer with a cable running to what is called Computer Diagnostics Terminal under the dash above your left knee out of site on domestic cars and trucks.

Sometimes a little trickier to find the location of the Diagnostic Terminal on foreign-made vehicles, but it is there for sure, just where? pull out your car’s manual its location is in there.

Time to grab a comfy chair in the waiting room till the diagnosis is complete at pinpointing your malfunction, whether mechanical or computer controlled, and an approximate cost to repair to correct the problem. If you get the word that it is fixable in an hour then wait, but if it is going to be 4 hours plus then get a ride home chances are good you can be shuttled home from the shop.

You have agreed to the repair, your shuttle ride is waiting to transport you home. Now you have to trust that your (Love) car will be in a good secure environment overnight and the repairs to be handled and completed in a professional way.

While you were sitting in the waiting room did you look around to notice pictures and other framed credentials like the mechanic (technician) certificate of qualification and licensing diplomas? These certifications are there for others to see that enter the shop’s meet and greet area at the counter.

The Trust factor is starting to develop as you are hopefully getting a good positive feeling about the shop itself and the conversation you had with the Mechanic that will be working to complete the Repair (Fix) on your car. Trust just doesn’t happen (like right now) as we all know Trust has to be earned and respected, it may be a longer-term or a shorter-term experience, but when it does happen we will all feel it as individuals in our own time frame.

So, whether your newfound Mechanic (Technician) is (Male or Female) Young or Matured and their certificates are displayed in the shop waiting room, usually they love to work on cars and light trucks and to be able to show their pride in the work performed as well as the Warranty paperwork given to you on departure.

Remember to keep in mind that things may go wrong sometimes down the road after a repair but, don’t lose your trust in the Mechanic (Him or Her) because most of the time it will be a “new part malfunction” with nothing to do with your Mechanic and your “Warranty Certificate” will become activated to repair the faulty part, no charge.

As a shop owner /operator with a crew of five men, our warranty work was 95% as compared to worker-related mistakes of 5% as per entered information into the computer.

I retired and sold my business 10 years ago in 2013. I had often wondered on many occasions to have been lucky enough to have a (female mechanic) working in my shop. We had 3 Girls of our own and I tried on many occasions to get them interested in what “Dad” did for a living, but all they wanted to do was go up and down on the car lifts.

Oh, by the way, did you see that part about I have been retired for a good number of years? Well, I needed something to do to keep my mind active, so if you would like to check out more Automotive Fixes and Things then go here, hope this helps out.

If you have any comments or thoughts on my post please leave me a note down below and I will be pleased to get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for now … Doug

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