Parts of The Exterior of a Car #3

January 04, 2023

What is This?

Identifying External Car Parts — Part Number 3

So driving down the road on a sunny day and enjoying the wonderful cloudless and awesome blue ski is a wonderful moment to reflect on nature’s gift of nice weather. 

Last year about this time the weather was not so nice, what I am saying is that the sun was hidden deep behind the “cumulus massive cloud cover”.

I remember I was out in my old (400,000km) plus Ford Ranger work truck Picking up some needed parts to repair a project I had on the go.

Well, the Lightning cracked and lit the area and the Thunder bellowed a demanding roar from up in the clouds and not so far away either. Did I mention the buckets, the sheets of a continuous downpour? 

I could not see the road, the white center line, or the white bike travel lane line. The last time I tried the switch it worked fine.

For The Answer

Here I was caught out in an intense rain storm on the side of the road, stopped and waiting for a break in the downpour

Fill in the rest of the letters for the answer naming the external car part.

What was failing to work were my W- – – S – – – – D. W – – – – S

I thought that maybe helping out the drivers of their vehicles to identify some external car parts that come as standard equipment to one “Motor Mobile” will give you a better understanding of what parts allow a car to be driven and controlled by the driver (You)

Next just send me the answer you have come up with and we can all learn together about our cars and how important they are in our daily commuting lives and when we go away on family cuttings.

It is all about getting to know your car and the name of your car’s parts for those of us deep in thought about other things like getting to work on time or dropping kids to school just to name a few important things in our “head daily.”

Sometimes we all just need a diversion during our day to think about something else other than the “daily norm.”

Let me know if this is something of interest to those of you out there that are interested in this “Automobile Parts” to Identify Blog.

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Almost forgot to tell you to give me your answer in the comment section below, also if you have a story that you are willing to share I would very much like to read it.

Thanks for now … Doug

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