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I entered through the big welcome doors into a candy land of tools and accessories for Autos and Trailers. Components to be picked out bought, and packed out the door and there see those doors I went through to get into the Automotive Candy Store.

In the truck now and ready to put tools into action as soon as I get home and get myself organized for my next project. No clues yet as to what I will tackle but I will be into a work mode real quick here.

Okay, I forgot to mention before I filled my shopping cart darn near to the top going up and down the aisles, and when I needed help from the staff was an easy 9 out of 10 yeses, close to perfect if there is such a rating as perfect. I didn’t buy everything that I saw but cruising around sure was fun as I daydreamed with my thoughts of What If.

Then all of a sudden I remembered I was on a time limit in the Princess Warehouse. I had promised my wife to just go in and get specifically what I needed and that’s all. Did I mention I was on a spending limit as well? I remember her tender words that I had tried to reinforce in my mind to abide by the request set forth.

And of course, time goes by so quickly and my shopping cart became fuller and fuller, what I am doing here. STOP I had to stop the cart and seriously think, do I really need all this stuff today or can I wait and buy at a later date?

No, I don’t, so I take out 50% of what I put in the cart ( Don’t Really Need Stuff) or maybe another day’s stuff. Then re-valuate the items still in the cart, do another back on the shelf till another day unload. Now I was ready to go out through the cashier’s check out, then out to my truck and wave goodbye to the Prince Auto Ware House Candy Store, for now until my next visit.


If one is experiencing or going to be short on time ( time limit) or finds their wallet is maybe a little short on spare cash or a credit card expired has quarantined the use of your plastic money then, just keep driving by and release the temptation of pulling into the parking lot, do not get out of your vehicle, and do not go through those big huge Welcome Doors

If still having trouble with temptation wanting to throw open those Big Huge welcome doors then, look for immediate help and call your Wife, She will be very helpful in redirecting your fixated thoughts and getting you back on track, I feel I could guarantee she will convert your existing thoughts to a more open-minded thought or thoughts like picking up groceries for supper or picking up the kids at end of school-day, just to name a few.

If You would care to look at some other Automotive Fixes and Things then come on in here

If you would like to share some fun thoughts and actual experiences at Princess Auto.

Then leave me a comment or story down below, I would look forward to reading it.

Happy Motoring… Doug

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