Parts of The Exterior of a Car #2

January 1, 2023

What is This?

Identifying External Car parts — Part Number 2

This little device will be hanging around at the back of your car or truck always silent but keeping a watchful eye on what’s going on.

I installed this device many years ago and found it very useful if and when someone is behind my truck or maybe even a bicycle or tricycle has been left unattended.

I myself am not a good (backer-upper). I have a tendency to more than once “kiss the curb, backed into a retaining wall, and even ran over the neighbors’ flowers”. Just MY opinion that maybe they were planted too close to MY driveway.

Actually come to think about it even when I drive forward I have been known “to clip a curb and swipe a sidewalk”, my poor right rear tire always suffers a bruising of some sort.

Remember here, I am just having fun with the external car and truck parts to find their function and use on an automobile. So Let’s guess what this is and let me know below.

Fill in the rest of the letters for the answer naming the external car part.

Green Yes ButtonCheck for Yes

Example: B _ _ _ _ p C _ _ _ _ a

Next just send me the answer you have come up with and we can all learn together about our own cars and how important they are in our daily commuting lives and when we go away on family outings. as we move forward with the cosmetic and mechanical parts of the car.

It is all about getting to know your car and the name of your car’s parts for those of us deep in thought about other things like getting to work on time or dropping kids to school just to name a few essential things in our head daily.

Sometimes we all just need a diversion during our day to think about something else other than the daily norm.

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The fun part for me would be seeing your answer and any opinion, or thoughts you may have… Thanks for Now… Doug

All the best to You

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