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The Product:

Introducing the Traxion 5-100 Tailgate Ladder. Hey, are you tired of looking for a short 2 to 3-foot step ladder to get you into the back bed of your truck and out without tipping over?

Especially tired of trying to wrestle your body up into the truck box to get that piece of whatever that is rolling around or even sliding around and making non-music to your ears.

There it sits the untouchable piece of whatever it is, can’t get it from the side of the box and can’t get it from the tailgate end. Never a stick around to try to fish out that rolling pop can or glass bottle that somehow got into the back of the truck totally making a nuisance of itself, now who’s was that?

Why You Must Have It. Who wants a twisted ankle, a sprained knee joint, a hip that impacted while jumping out of the back of your truck box. How about when you are wrestling around the tailgate to get into the back of the truck bed, to get at what you are trying to get out.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t do the athletic high jump or springboard flips in and out of the back of the truck box. When I hit the ground, it’s a terrible sound and with that also comes the pain. It’s a two-fold event they pair up as one (ouch)

If an individual is going to be stubborn or too proud to have a tool like this to make truck box entry so much easier. Then a vile of smelling salts would be a great gift to give to your partner to have on hand just in case you need to be awakened upon impacting earth (just saying)

What Would You Think about a product that would save wear and tear on your ankles, your knees, and your hips and that’s only the below the belt parts. Your arms, your wrists, and your shoulders are certainly prone to overstretching and over-excursion while being twisted and jerked to get up into (Yes), the back of your truck.

These tailgate steps are lightweight but built tough. I have heard of a 6′ 5′ man weighing 280 lbs. climb up and down his ladder. Caution if your a big Dude like him, then stay on hard earth ground cover or maybe asphalt or concrete for stability.

Soft ground or muddy areas may or will cause the ground to give and sink down under the load. If You are working in soft ground areas then a piece of plywood cut to fit the base of the ladder would then give you soft ground stability.

You know there is nothing worse than smacking your shins against the tailgate as one slips on the uptake into the truck, as I’m sure we have all done at some time in wrestling the tailgate.

It’s enough to make a non-swearing individual, to possibly blurb a little word or two unintentionally of course. That tailgate ladder is starting to look pretty good about now?

When Should I Use the Product, only when you have an occasion to get into the back of your truck bed. This will be the time to lower the tailgate unbuckle the Traxion 5-100 Tailgate Ladder and flip it over the side of the tailgate and listen and watch as the ladder comes into contact with mother earth.

Tailgate Ladder Entry
Entering The Safe Way

It’s a fail-safe easy system to work in your favor. It’s not heavy to handle the descending and the ascending of the ladder off and on the tailgate. You may have to make a few tests runs up (ascends) and down (descends) to familiarize yourself with your balance stepping onto the ladder rungs.

Remember, take your time this is not a race, get the feel of the tailgate ladder how both of you will work together as a unit. This Traxion Tailgate Ladder will certainly eliminate the overstrain put on the joints and muscles from getting up and out of the truck bed.

Where Am I Going to View the product, so that I may see more in-depth information about the Traxion 5-100 Tailgate Ladder. I have researched and found this product to be on Amazon, your friendly go-to store. Take The Step To Safe Tailgate Climbing. Below I have put in the Amazon link for both .com Also now would be a good time to click on over to my Traxion Tailgate Ladder Review.

How Do I Fit the Product to My Truck, can I do it myself or have someone else install the tailgate ladder for me? Once you open the Product Box and remove the pieces, you will see there are only small amounts of parts. You will have easy to follow instructions to guide you to assemble the ladder to your tailgate.

If You can aim a drill and work with hand tools – you’re the one for the job. The location for mounting the Traxion Tailgate ladder will be to position it on the driver side of the tailgate for quick and easy access to the truck bed.

Installed Tailgate Ladder
Unbuckle and Flip Over

When you have it installed and are ready to use the tailgate ladder, just unbuckle the tie-down strap and place the ladder over the side of the truck tailgate.

There up you go into the back of your truck bed to either load up or unload your payload of goods, with the ease of going up or coming down the tailgate ladder and touching softly to mother earth with no ill effects of strained out joints and muscles.

Conclusion. This Traxion 5-100 Tailgate Ladder will fit most trucks out there, providing one has not installed a Lift Kit to raise the truck so high you will need a step ladder to get into the cab of the truck. (That’s another story in itself) factory-built trucks are a good fit for this tailgate ladder installation

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Save yourself personal injury getting up or down from the tailgate of your truck, Take The Step – The Safe Way.


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