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What Are HD. Big Dog (Buddy) Seat Covers. I can tell you they fit and work great and your Big Dog Buddy (Friend) will love you for it when installed, in Girls Trucks and Guys Trucks.

Installation And Description

This is a universal rear seat cover to go wherever your Dog (Buddy) goes with you in your Girl truck or Guy truck and /or your SUV or your favorite Ride.

Installation is easy with lots of room in the back seat to work the truck dog seat cover into place. The cover is padded and has a rubber backing to keep movement to a minimal at the same time allowing lots of roaming activity by Big (Buddy). Hook Straps around both rear head rests and adjust to yours and (Buddies) romping around the zone, there done. Just remember to also tuck in the seat anchor for a nice tight secure fit.

Remember to attach to both headrests, the front and rear seat attachments and lastly the seat belt opening to a accommodate the Velcro securing attachments. The rubber backing of the Doggies seat cover will provide the nonslip to grip the main seat is protected.

Reasons For Having Dog Cover

Made from Heavy Duty (HD) materials, this back seat truck comfy cover will become his/her favorite resting spot for your Loving Dog (Buddy) on the cozy cover. Yet handling his exciting moments looking out his/her rear seat windows right and left. Maybe just looking for a romp around with a playmate.

No worries here, this Heavy-Duty Big Dog (Smaller Dogs too) rear seat cover will handle Buddies anxious moments to protect your rear seat sitting area from (her/his) paws with protruding claws while in flight mode.

How Do They Clean Up

Once removed from the rear seat area, that’s after removing the seat cover anchors and the two headrest straps. Give the cover a shake and clean out the hair, dirt, snow, beach sand, etc., whatever may be lurking in the catch-all pockets of the cover. Then hustle the cover into your waiting washing machine and give it a soft wash in cold water.

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There you have it a quick easy solution to cleaning your Dog (Buddies) seat cover but get it back in the Girl Truck or Guy Truck as soon as ready, to show your Love.

Who Could Use a Cover

Anyone who loves their pets Big or Small and wants them to be comfortable and safe when you are traveling to your favorite destinations. You know Dog Parks, Mountain Trails, Creeks in nature and Sandy Beaches. Let your wonderful pets get dirty and wet and when done and ready to go, open the door to their Comfy-Cozy back seat truck Cover Domain.

The cover is specifically designed to handle the outside elements of nature your Pet (Buddy) brings into Her/His back seat sanctuary. Your back seat is protected from the wet hair and the claws of your Dog (Buddy)

Where’s The Best Place to Shop a Cover

I have looked around and found that and were the best quality and the best buy. These covers need to be tough quality to handle the Big Boy Dogs. Yah! the 50 plus pounder especially when they are in action mode.

Affiliate Disclosure – I am an Affiliate of many products being promoted on and may receive a commission if you buy something. You will buy directly from the seller of the product I am promoting in my post.

The next hurdle may be getting your Big Boy Dog out of the truck and leaving the comfy cozy great quality quilted cover. But I am sure you have your ways, what’re those treats in your pocket.

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