Tire Wear Indicator Bars – The Clue is There

Know The Warning Signs On Your Tires

LOOK :- At your Tires, do You see lots of rubber tread, or do You see more balding areas or fewer tread areas on your Tires?

SEE :- Any little bars tire wear indicator bars running across the face tread of the tire, the clue is there

If so then it best You go to your favorite Tire Store or have your favorite mechanic check the condition of your Tires for your safety and family and of the other drivers on the road.
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YOU :- Can buy a Tire Tread Depth Gauge to check your own tires or You can use the old coin trick.  If using an American one-cent piece with Abe Lincoln on it,  You would just turn the penny upside down and insert it between the Tire Treads.

If You see all of Abe’s head showing,  then You will need New Tires,  like right now.  Drive to your Favorite Tire Store or your mechanic’s workplace.


Or, This Nice Little Depth Measuring Tool To Check Your Tread Wear. See Above

1/16th of an inch: If Less then it’s time for new tires. Ensure the safety of yourself and your family and, DO IT NOW.

Your New Tires

After replacing your Old Unsafe Tires with New,  You may have a great or renewed feeling that You picked your own tires out or the help of a Tire Technician to advise You with your Tire Selection.

New Tires will connect You to the road surface and will connect You to driving with confidence – OH WHAT A FEELING.

Okay l Agree

It’s not always on a person’s mind to inspect and do Tire Maintenance.  Life is so preoccupied with other life challenges on one’s mind.

Just as one puts birthdays and get-togethers or meetings etc,  on your wall calendar or your cell phone message board.

Cell Phone Messaging
Message To Self Make An Appointment

Then do it with Your Tires. Message to self: Today will be My Tire Safety Check on my Car,  Suv,  or Truck whatever You drive.  4 Tires maybe 1 minute per Tire, that would be 4 minutes of well-spent inspection time,  to allow You piece of mind driving and again safety for You and your family.

In 4 minutes You will have gotten out of your vehicle,  done a walk around – done a visual inspection of your Tires and Rims –  looking for anything that doesn’t look right to You.  One can wait in line for a coffee, which may take 5-10 min.

I myself,  have been surprised Many Times during my driving years by a low tire condition,  that when I inspected, found a nail or metal screw in-bedded or sticking out of the tread of my tire.  That can happen with Old Tires or New Tires.

Do You See :-  any cracks or bulging or blistering on the tread or sidewall of your Tires or even your Rims for deformity?  If You do then do not hesitate to get into a Tire shop of choice to get an evaluation of your Tire Situation.

That True To Fact Saying – Better Safe Than Sorry Applies Here.

Remember while you are Inspecting Your Tires and Rims – be looking for the appearance of those – Tire Wear Bars Markings – the rubber bars – that speak out safe,  or not safe for driving.

Shimmy – Shimmy – Shake. If your ride is doing this without music being played,  then it’s a really good indicator,  for You that your Tires,  certainly are having issues that could and would be possibly an unsafe driving concern for You.

Usually, this is a Tire with a bulging or ruptured tread or sidewall. It may feel like fun to You Or Scare You.  Just slow your speed down comfortably and pull over to the side of the road.  Inspect your situation and then take action.

Remember,  our connection to the road surface is through Good Maintained Tires with lots of good rubber tread, which will provide us confidence with peace of mind driving.

If You Have a Comment or a Good Story to Share About Your Tire  Experiences Then Please Leave It Just Below My Little Helper, Thanks For Now…Doug

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2 thoughts on “Tire Wear Indicator Bars – The Clue is There

  1. Netta

    Hey Doug:

    Thank you for the reminder to check on tire wear. It is one of those maintenance things that can get lost in the shuffle in the daily do-this, do-that.

    I do appreciate the information about HOW to check on the wear and also about how to deal with uneven wear on the tires.

    1. Doug

      Your very welcome and thanks for your time on viewing my website post, lets keep those tires rolling straight and safe.

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