Tires-Rims-Accessories – A Must Have for the Road

You may have now, picked purchased, and had your preference of Tires and Rims and Accessories installed on your Car – Truck – or SUV to fit road terrain applications and Safety needs for You and your Family. A must-have for the road.

Accessories and Tools:

You know, maybe every once in a while we may want to check the air in our Tires. Here’s one of many must-have Tools that don’t take up much room to store in your glove box. Or maybe even in an Accessory Bag,  to hold the larger (power-up) Accessory Tools.

This for reference sake is for those who are more inclined to be thinking old-school Tire Gauge. The ever-present ‘Digital Tire Gauge’ is the norm now. This is the old standard tire gauge I have 2 or 3 somewhere.

While You got the new Accessory bag open that You bought, here are some other good little tools to pack on your road trips.

  This would be a Tread Depth indicator for You to keep track of tire wear on your vehicle and also for the purpose of Rotating your Tires front to back and back to front.

Periodic checking and rotating your tires would be to your advantage of longer life for your Tire Investment.

You know one can also carry a Tire Tread Depth Indicator in one’s pocket or purse.

This here >>>>>    Insert into the Tread of the Tire and if you can see the top of Lincoln’s hairline, then it is time for New Tires or at least some good used

The Accessory Bag:

Oh yeah! This is where if your glove box is full of other neat things that allow nothing else to have visitor rights. Then a cool Accessory Kit Bag would be your second choice for storage of Tire Care Tools.

Tire wear signs

I will show you a picture of what to look for when Checking Tire Wear on your vehicle tires.

   Look between the treads, this Tire is worn badly.

This might be quite obvious if it is showing on the outside of the tire, the inside of the tire is difficult to see this type of compromised sidewall or tread area of the tire. 

An indication of this happening to your tire would give you a wobbly type feeling, that may make you think your Tire Rim is coming loose. The first thing you do for your safety and the safety of others is to pull off the road in a safe location as soon as possible. We then need to get out of our vehicles and do a walk-around inspection for the culprit tire issue.


Your Rims and Tires are in good shape or maybe even new because You picked

the Brand of Rim and Tires to trust, for the safety of You and your family members Oh yes, Watch The Related Video About The Tire Gauge, and don’t forget to pack your Accessory bag full of your Awesome  Tire Tools.

Now is the time to head out on the open road. Knowing You will be safe as your New Tires Grab the road surface that will give You confidence for You and your family.

Please leave a comment or ask me a question and I will get back to You as soon as possible.

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Thanks For Now …Doug

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12 thoughts on “Tires-Rims-Accessories – A Must Have for the Road

  1. Brian

    Thank you for sharing this as I see the importance of having these accessories for your tires and rims. I didn’t realize there was a tread depth indicator, but I really want one now as this probably would’ve help save me from a few tire blowouts in the past as I think the tread was pretty bad on a few of those. One of my faults too is I don’t get the tires rotated as much as I probably should. Now I’ve heard of the use of a penny to check tread depth, but again I’ve been pretty bad at checking that. This has really been an eye opener for me and I really need to be having these tools and accessories and to check tire wear more often. Do you prefer the digital tire gauge or the old standard one?

    1. Doug

      Thanks for your comments Brian. The tire rotation is a big money saver by extending the life of your tires. Truthfully I do forget also. Yes when one buys a new tool, what ever it may be. I find that I want to use it because it becomes fun and usually very useful. Also I’m sitting on the fence between the good old fashion tire gauge and the digital unit, I would say 50-50 usage.

      All the best to You and safe driving……..Doug

  2. Chas

    Hi Doug,

    I can relate to most of the older items you are displaying for tire gauges, especially the penny. I did carry a tire pump in my younger days, and tried to pump a car tire up once! That was all that took to learn how dumb that idea was! They had inner tubes in the tires back then, but it just took forever!

     I have several key chain spark plug gap tool, you know those round ones with the long ramp around the edge for different gaps! They are obsolete now! Spark plugs last about 100,000 nowadays!. I guess looking at you about page took me down memory lane! 

     I know off topic, we are talking about wheels and tires! Which brand of tires do you think might be best for my 1/2 ton pick-up. I was going to get a new set of Michelin radials. Are they any good?

    I wonder if it would be a good idea, (for that long trip) to carry any air valves, or a tire plug kit in the glove box just in case? Some people just carry the AAA road hazard card in their pocket and let them fix the tires! Maybe that’s a better idea?

    Well, Doug you got me thinking about tire safety, so I guess you did a good job with this site!

    Thank You!


    1. Doug

      Thanks for commenting Chas. You know I’m pretty sure I have one of those spark plug gap setters in my tool box berried down deep in the archives. If I remember about 8 different spark plug gap setting.

      Well You would certainly have a premium tire with the Michelin tire family. I’m thinking they would last and wear less on your 1/2 ton truck, because of being lighter with less heavy weight demands between the road and tire surfaces.

      And hey! with those every 10,000 mile tire rotations you might be able to brag about the extended life of them. As I age, I myself have found BCAA to be a great friend when the need arises. 

      Keep on trucking and safe drives to your destinations……….Doug

  3. Mandy

    With winter just around the corner, now is the time to start changing out tires. I know for sure I wouldn’t want to be slipping on ice and snow with no way to stop myself!

    I need to know more about how to tell it is time to change out my tires, besides just basing it off of just the season.

    1. Doug

      Thanks for commenting Mandy. I would lean towards your winter environments. living in a mountainous area that invites snow early, then prepare early with good snow tires. If your winter is more of a lesser snow and ice condition, then a good all season tire that displays the 3 mountain peaks and the snow flake insignia would be suitable for you. I just read an article that mentioned that for mountainous road travelling, get those snow tires on by oct1.

      Hoping I covered your questions adequately.   All the best to you

  4. Shane Black

    Hi Doug, 

    Thanks very much for posting this very informative article about accessories to have on standby. 

    I have to admit… I don’t think I have many of these accessories so I think I may need to head out and purchase them, just so I can be prepared. I also didn’t know about the trick with the coin. I guess you learn something new every day. 

    Thanks again Doug. 



    1. Doug

      Thanks for commenting on my post Shane. You know its the same with me, until someone mentions or gives advice about something of importance that I may not be aware of, then its time to take action.

      All the best to you Shane

      Keep those tires moving safely……….Doug  

  5. Rob S.

    I have to tell you that I don’t mess around when it comes tires and rims. I never have.

    Once my tires get even close to wearing, I get new ones. I want good rubber against the road.It doesn’t matter where I’m driving. I want to be safe and try and never have car problems if I can help it.

    Anyone can get a flat tire and that happens. But with good tires your chances may lessen.

    These tools and checking your tires frequently are the most important thing you can do when your life could be on the line!Excellent tips for anyone thinking of taking a chance!

    1. Doug

      Thanks for your comments Rob. I see you got the right approach when it comes to the safety of yourself and the others out there on the roads that are shared by many.

      Tires that grab the road and hug the corners, gives one confidence while driving to one destination.

      All the best to you Rob……Doug

  6. Rick H

    Hey Doug,

    Thanks for the tips on tire care. I keep meaning to buy a digital tire gauge but have yet to do it. I don’t trust the old tire gauge as you have shown in your article. I have to push it onto the valve stem quickly and perfectly, and it usually takes me several tries.

    As for buying good used tires, how do I know they’re any good? In other words, how do I find a trustworthy place where I can buy used tires and know for myself that they’re any good?

    1. Doug

      Thanks for your comments Rick. You right seems like with the old tire gauge every time you push on the stem to read pressure one looses some air. After 3 – 5 times one almost needs to put replacement air back in.

      Good point on buying used tires. Why, because even though tires may look great from a visual inspection they may have been compromised by a rough life on the previous vehicle. Thinking of damage to the steel cording on the tread surface and possible the side wall area that will not be visible at times when checking them out.

      Happy motoring to your favorite destinations.

      And get there safely……..Doug 

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