Tires – Rims – Automatic Transmissions – Seeking The Relevance

To get the direction of movement that You want to go, Tires, Rims, and Automatic Transmission are required components seeking relevance. Okay, are you thinking that I did not mention the engine – the major component (the Lion King) that makes all the other functions work together as one moving mass? Picture by Pixabay

You have chosen your New Tires and your New Rims, You made the deal – a marriage of new Tires to steel Rims. Which have been balanced and installed on your ride.

Step back and take a look at your ( Car – Suv – Truck ) or whichever vehicle You drive. Not the same ride with the new add-ons applied. (Quite impressive I’m sure)

Probably a “WOW” factor, okay time to bring your lower jaw back up closer to your upper jaw, focus yourself, and then go for a cruise.

Tires Rims And Transmission
A Ford Mustang Muscle Car


What! No Movement – Forward or Reverse. What just happened?

Okay! compose yourself and think back over the last couple of days or even a week ago. Have You noticed anything around or under your vehicle when it was moved or parked in a different location?

Maybe a Faint Path of Fluid that You thought may have belonged to someone else’s vehicle that was parked where You are parked now.

Maybe thinking back now, the last couple of mornings your vehicle was slow and lazy going into the gear that You selected. Yes now that You think of it, that makes sense to You.

Well, guess what, your vehicle has an Automatic Transmission Leak and You are now too low on Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) to make forward or reverse movement happen.

And the last stop at the Tire and Rim shop was where the fluid level got low enough in the Transmission pan, that the filter could not pick up the fluid to make movement happen

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It will be a leak that needs to be inspected and repaired. This can be as simple as a Cooler Line Leak or an Automatic Transmission pan Gasket leaking. My advice to You would buy a couple of liters or quarts of fluid (ATF) that apply to your Vehicle’s Automatic Transmission.

This is important to put the Proper Qualified Fluid into your Transmission. Talk to a parts supplier that You know of or who has been in the business for many years, they will guide You for the Correct Fluid Types.


Okay, Tires – Rims, and Automatic transmission are all ready to go out on the open road for a good enjoyable drive – Enjoy, You made the right decisions.                                                                       Picture by Pixabay


To have the Culprit Leak Area Inspected and Repaired, the Automatic Transmission will be working fine but don’t lose focus on the “fix”.

Maybe even the shop You had your Tires a Rims installed may do the repair for You, or You may have a shop that You already trust and have a good relationship with to do the repair for You. Either way.

Getter Done!

You don’t want to have a huge repair on your Automatic Transmission.                                                                  

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4 thoughts on “Tires – Rims – Automatic Transmissions – Seeking The Relevance

  1. Kevin

    Thanks for sharing your insights on tires, rims, and transmissions. I am in the market to replace my current tires. I’m thinking about replacing my rims at that time. I am thinking about having two sets. One set of tires for the winter and a second set for the summer. The amount of salt they use in my location is destroying my current tire rims.
    Thanks for the info.

    1. Doug

      Thanks for looking my post over, as of yet I haven’t applied to an Affiliate Program (sponsor) to send people to. Must do that quite soon now, so interested drop ins could check out the various makes of Tires and Rims and cost options.

      I do have a post on – The Benefits of Two Sets of Tires of Two Sets of Tires   –  AT

      Benefits of Two sets of Tires

      All the Best to You Kevin.

  2. Amazon LaShaun

    Posts like this is perfect for people like me who know absolutely nothing about this stuff. I started making money straight out of college so any time something went wrong with my car, I would pay someone to fix it. Lately I’ve been wanting to learn some stuff about cars so I don’t look so much like a patsy when my girl asks me questions about automotive stuff. LOL. Your site is helping a lot with that.

    1. Doug

      Thanks for checking out my post and commenting. This is where life’s direction lead me.

      My Father and Uncle were Automotive shop owners, who where also active in the shop working on vehicles – Meeting and Greeting customers and being Management all under, One Hat.  If there is an Automotive question that You may need an Answer to, then I would be more than happy to help find You the Answer.

      All the best to You Amazon.

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