Tire Inflator Air Compressor – 12V DC / 120V AC Dual Power Action

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When looking for an Air Compressor that can be used in the car while traveling out on the road (12V) or used at home plugged into house power (120V), the Tire Inflator Air Compressor – 12V DC / 120V AC Dual Power Action is the Avid Power Tool to pump it up.

This dual metal motor concept makes this a great all-around on-the-go or stays-at-home Air Power Tool to tackle all your domestic accessories from car tires to sports equipment, to river rafts and beach balls, and everything in between. It’s a tough durable pick-it-up-and-go, plug-and-play from deflating to Inflate. One will just be looking for things to pump air into.

Dual Purpose Air Compressor

Supply Power Provides 12V and 120V dual motors to provide and pump up your under Inflated needing air to work properly equipment.

This dual avid power tool supplies power to your on-road needs like a low tire on your car, SUV, or that river raft you just can’t wait to get in the rapids.

For all those around-the-house projects that require non-stop power to your Air Inflation power tool for those light air required power tools.

Built To Last Quality comes from dual motors made of metal which produces great power and ensures long life when working on those home projects or doing maintenance around the house or out in the shop. It’s so light to move from location to location. I would put this under the His and Her Tool category.

Dual Purpose Voltage Supply

The plastic housing that forms the shell of the Air Inflator will and can handle unruly handling, but no need to be consistent with that.

Supplied with two high-pressure hoses to fit your air needs applications, either big jobs like your vehicle tires or back yard air lounging air bed, just pump and relax.

Switching Modes to inflate your vehicle tires or to deflate an overfilled tire that maybe someone else overfilled because they were in a hurry let’s say from using a gas station air pumping unit, will now cost you money to use their air.

It’s getting dark out you need to see what you are working on, simple just flick the rocker and you have a powerful full LED light to guide you much better than fumbling around in the dark,

I just have to take off my glasses and I start fumbling around whether there is light or not. Then there are the two hoses, one for High Pressure fills like bikes, cars, up to light trucks, and the other High-Volume hose for inflating and deflating Items like air beds, air mattresses, and air loungers and all the fun things that fall into high volume category.

Dial in Your Own Presure

In The Box comes the Avid Power Inflator 12V / 120V Inflator – Deflation unit. ( 3 adapter nozzles ) – ( 2 air hoses one for high-pressure fills and one for high-volume fills ) – ( built-in digital pressure gauge for easy viewing, accurate within + or -, that will not be any hindrance at all ).

Just so you know most air tools will have a slight + or – pressure gain or loss factor, usually ever so slight, but hey is there such a thing as perfect? Talking about pressure there is your own dial-in pressure to protect the device from being inflated.

I have heard the sound of a bicycle tire being over Inflated to the point of making this rather loud popping sound which will and does make a person jump and run for cover.

The air tool carry case cover makes it easy to pack the Dual Avid Air Power Tool from the vehicle to the house garage or shop. (Packing the air pump at a six-pound weight is certainly not overexertion on one’s shoulder if it is still attached to the vehicle tire that could give one a jolt?) Not recommended if one is in a hurry.


Inflating Air products

I do not have one of these Avid Power Air Compressors, I would like to have one but because I have two small compressors that so far are working to fill my needs I will try my best to wait on the buy.

The 12 Volt compressor I have now is a ride-along in my vehicle and the 120 Volt air compressor hangs out in my workshop, there is always something that needs Inflating.

My point is I just wanted whoever reads my post that I like the way this Avid Air Compressor is built and the idea of the versatility of voltage used. This a new model, hitting the market as of (March- 04- 2020) The stats on this product show a lot of potential for being a good seller on Amazon.

Affiliate Disclosure – I am an Affiliate of many products being promoted on Amazon.com and may receive a commission if you buy something. You will buy directly from the seller of the product I am promoting in my post.

Amazon would not have it in their automotive lineup of Air compressors if they felt that their interrogation of the product was not worthy as a seller on their great site.

Why is it when one sees something they like but still has a like product that just keeps on working and performing well, that doesn’t justify the buy of the so much more advanced new tool. Although the thought is active, just not maybe practical at this point in time for me.

I am open to likes and comments on my post, feel free to leave a note. By the way, if you have a story about a tire being over Inflated with air and something happening to it, I would love to hear about the outcome of the event.

Just a thought here, if you are interested in checking out other fun automotive equipment head on over here and view a post on my site.

I Love a Good Story

Thanks, for now… Doug.  Hey if You Are Pumped Up and Want To Leave me Some Air Compressor Talk Then, Just Hang It Below My Little Helper.

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