Review AstroAl Air Compressor | 12 volt 100 PSI

Introduction of Product:

Air Compressor for putting air into tires etc

For readers interested in the AstroAI Air Compressor, the 12 volts 100 PSI output compact, carry anywhere with you to pump air into practically anything that requires air to function, this is the air tool for Him or Her.

Let the review begin. You will find this 12-volt small compact air compressor will put out the required service needed to bring your under-inflated tires, air beds, sports equipment balls to life with renewed air to your setting of air pressure choice.






Product Overview:

This AstroAl Portable 12-volt 100 PSI air pump is small in size but will produce a powerful output of air. It’s a tough strongly built His or Her power tool with a metal constructed motor components for better cooling and longer life to the motor mechanism.

The air compressor is very versatile and can be packed around where ever it can be plugged into a cigarette lighter outlet or from the battery with a set of extra battery cable clamps, may or may not be supplied with the product.


  • 12 Volt power sources to fit all cars and trucks

  • Great powerful output of air for pumping all your Inflatables

  • Metal fins on the motor for ultimate cooling dispersants

  • Great readable digital gauges for easy calculations and presetting of air pressure

  • Many air fill adapters to cover most anything inflatable from beach balls to car tires

  • Powerful headlamp for that nighttime Inflates helping you see in the darkness of the evening

  • If for some reason the air pump gets too hot the unit will shut off to allow cooling. – Over Heating Protection

  • All brass fittings not plastic, for base construction application hookups

  • Lightweight and comes with its own carrying case for easy transport to any location of use

  • Set the pressure you want, and the pump will shut off when air pressure achieved, no worries, all in one feature

  • Running time noise is a lot quieter than most air pumps

  • No more going to the gas station and paying for even a small amount of top-up air


  • No 110-volt house current plugin for backyard inflatables like an air mattress and pool fun stuff toys, but then I guess the price of the power tool would also Inflate to a higher cost to the consumer. Probably not necessary at this level of mini pumpers.

What is it For:

This (air pump) air compressor purpose is to inflate air ready equipment so these inflatables can be used in their fields of application, from car tires, bicycle tires down to beach balls and anything in between that performs with air trapped inside its rubber or leather skin design.

Did You Know That if your tires on your vehicle are if under Inflated or (low on air) that one’s vehicle will consume more fuel to drive your vehicle forward out there while doing your errands? if just one of the tires is low on air you may not notice the small amount of fuel being used.

If one is running with four under Inflated tires, which under a watchful eye I or you would be able to spot a rather low soft, or spongey, even wrinkly looking tire, even a feeling of lazy acceleration or unstable turning on corners would be a flag to under Inflated tires.

Think of It as pulling an imaginary load (weight) or driving in soft muddy soil, this creates a drag on the vehicle and does cause an escalating cost in fuel (gas) used to overcome this under Inflated tire or tires issue.

Flat Tire
How Could That Happen To My new Tire

Who Would Use This Product:

The users of this product either Him or Her, the younger or older can all use this product to bring their air Inflatables of choice back to life either while out on the road or heading to the beach.

If your friends want all their beach toys filled with air, you can certainly tell them where to shop for the power tool and how quickly they should buy it – like yesterday maybe!

How it Helps People:

This cute little small version of a big Industrial Version, will get you out of a bind if you have developed a slow leak in your car tire or bicycle tire because maybe you hit a pothole in the road or the pothole came out of nowhere and struck your tire? Regardless you have the air tool to get you pumped up and running and on your way to your happy place.

Pressure Guage
Set Your Pressure Here

Why I recommend it:

If you are an outdoor enthusiast like I am then this small but powerful air tool is a lifesaver when an occasion presents itself when one is a little short on the air intake of let’s say your vehicle tire or when you have downloaded your mountain bike off your roof rack.

Affiliate Disclosure – I am an Affiliate of many products being promoted on and may receive a commission if you buy something. You will buy directly from the seller of the product I am promoting in my post.

To find a soft tire in need of inflation that you can preset so as not to blow the tube and tire off the rim, have you ever experienced an event like this? just the thought of that makes me weak in the knees.


The AstroAl Digital12 Volt 100 PSI Air Compressor is a great buy for the price you would pay for it. Yes, there are all kinds of ( air pumps) air compressors out in the market, but with bigger and more power comes a much more inflated price tag.

If you find that a bigger air pumper tool is required for your use then shop away, Thanks for taking the time to browse my blog/post here. While You Are Here Check Out The Video

If you have any comments about my post or would like to share a story about you or of someone who has Inflated a tire or sports equipment that has had a not-so-good outcome then I would love to hear about it, Remember, always watch full eye when pumping up.

Last-minute thought here if you would like to check out various uses of the older compressors that were used at one time.

Thanks for now… Doug.  Just Leave your Fun Thoughts Below The Little Helper.

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