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This solar panel battery charger you are about to read, and view will bring you light without plugging into 120 Volt house power. It will also bring your laptop, your IPad, your cell phones to life. All this can and will happen when you are outdoors anywhere in the back yard, camping, at your out in the woods cabin. Are you ready let’s find out what it is?

The Sun power To Charge Your Vehicles Battery

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Product Usage:

Where are you going to get up to 20 Watts of power to charge your everyday have to use and must have to survive devices. Well if your friend had one of these fun in the sun solar power panels then their problems for powering up are over.

Solar Panel Cllecting Sun Shine to Power up and Maintaince For Your Vehicles Battery

Sun to Solar Panel to chargeable devices by way of USB cable keeps you and your personal social community tools active and alive for chat sessions and the latest updates between friends and the world news in general.

Yes, you will be able to charge many of your USB powered social devices at one time, with your multi pal USB bar at your side.

Alligator jaw clamps that will bite down on your negative and positive battery posts to charge your main power plant, your vehicle’s battery. The power of the sun will transform power to charge your 12 Volt battery that lives under the hood of your Car, SUV, Truck, RV, and all your other on-road and off-road vehicles.

Product Description:

Frame: Heavy-duty aluminum, high transparency tempered glass, but please note cannot be used when out camping by the river or lake to de-bone your freshly caught fish even though it does look like a great cutting board. Guess what (warranty will be denied) just so you know ahead of time.

Get your measuring tape out, the one that has both Metric and SAE Standard increments, just in case you want to measure to confirm this (17.7 X 13.8 X 0.7) Inches or Metric (45 X 35 X 1.8) Centimeters, there now you have it all covered. Well, at least all my retractable Measuring tapes have both measurements running parallel on the tape face. What’s on yours?

Sun Solar Charge Plug and Play

One can mount this charging tool anywhere you would like just keep in mind its full output charging potential is being in the face of the sun for as long as possible throughout the day, no sunscreen needed here on this skin.

Please be careful to one’s own skin when you are out directly in its full-on rays. Forgot to mention it comes with mounting attachments.

Also, there are a lot of good things that I need to let you know about, so I am going to make a list here that may impress you to think and read a little longer because this just might work for you whether at home or out camping your favorite terrain.

Good Solar Tips Here

  • USB charging ports for your communication devices from cell phones, I-pads, to laptops and beyond.

  • Wanna start something, well then let’s keep your vehicle batteries charged up when sitting idle for weeks maybe months at a time. Yeah that RV out in the back of your property along with your all-terrain toys for trailblazing or water sports jet skis etc… From Sun To Solar Panel To Charge the batteries of choice.

  • Did you know that one can run other neat things off the Solar panel Eco Worthy 20 Watt Unit? Here’s something you may not even think about, but I am going to tell you at the next point below

  • You might have somethings around the hobby farm that you could certainly use a solar panel charger to operate how about a gate opener-> garden lights-> pumps for your decorative pond maybe with fish of choice swimming around-> electric fence-> Irrigation system-> led strip lighting, so you don’t fall into the fishpond, the list doesn’t stop there either.

Product Features You Need To KnowLight Panel Controls

  • Green Light Displays for in charging mode

  • Red Light Displays for Discharging (battery running low -Time to Charge up)

  • Short Circuit Protection ( Protects from smoke coming out of the unit ) 🙂

  • Open Circuit Protection ( Pretty much means trouble-free operation )

  • Over Charge Protection ( does not allow the solar control charger to put any more than recommended volts into your devices being charged )

  • Reverse Polarity Protection ( This will allow Me or You to accidentally hook up to let’s say our car battery, the cables to wrong negative or positive posts without causing damage to ourselves or to the Solar Charger Unit.)

  • What I like a lot is the Discharge Protection part ( which means, I or You could leave the solar unit hooked up for weeks or months without any worries about our batteries being drained of power ( being discharged ) because the built-in feature will not allow this to happen.

  • An example I go to start my Imaginary (RV) and no problem the battery stays charged and upstarts the Motor Home, my Imaginary Motor home 🙂

  • Easy Installation with Pre-Drilled holes make it mobile to various locations, that fit your needs, it is versatile.

  • Warranty: 5 -Years on Material and Workmanship.

You And I Need to Hook This up RightSolar Power to Charge Car Battery Hook Up

Let’s do the connection order

Step One > connect the battery to the Solar Charge Controller

Step Two > connect the Solar Panel to the Charge Controller

Step Three > Connect the load to the Controller (Device) that for example being your cell phone or your iPad.

Let’s do the disconnection order

Note Here I need to read instructions over and over quite a few times and I work better with Pictures Too.

The First Step > disconnect load (Cell Phone) from Solar Charge Controller

The Second Step > disconnect Charge Controller from Solar Panel.

Third Step > disconnect battery from Solar Charge Controller.

The Fourth Step > I am sure if I do this once or twice it will be just fine – (how bout you ?)

Parts Package Includes

  • 1 Piece 20 Watt Solar Panel
  • 1 Piece 3 Amp Charge Controller
  • 1 Pair of 6.5 FT cable and good biting Alligator Clips to clamp on the car battery.

Packing Your Own Power Source With You – Anywhere

I can see this becoming more and more popular for people who like to camp in the wilderness, without packing a gas-fired generator alongside, all though nothing wrong with that, just make sure you have lots of extra gas hiked in with you. 

Affiliate Disclosure – I am an Affiliate of many products being promoted on and may receive a commission if you buy something. You will buy directly from the seller of the product I am promoting in my post.

You Got to remember that your 12 Volt Car, Truck, or RV battery is going to be the main power source that all your Devices will be pulling energy from to breathe life to your communication devices. The battery will run out of juice at some point in time, so have your solar sun panel ready to hookup and recharge your power source ( the battery)


It goes like this in a short version, the Solar Panel converts Charging Power to your vehicle battery, then the power from the battery of your vehicle can then be used to power up all your fun stuff.

I can see another way of doing this without your vehicle being involved. Have a backup battery that You or I could carry to our favorite outdoor sites, plunk it on the ground and hang the Solar Panel in a tree.

Hook up your communication devices when a charge is needed, Also when its dark, string up a set of LED lights to keep the darkness away.

Hey you know, If you got any comments to make about what I have posted here then I would be very happy to respond to any questions you may have.

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