The Make-The Year-The Model: The Tire Story

Can You see Enough of this vehicle to give me an accurate Make – Year – and – model.

This is not the factory paint You are now looking at. The color in this year was a more Charcoal Grey like the bottom sill in the picture.

If You know the answer or even like to take a guess that would be great,  please leave me a comment and I will get back to You, Thanks for now.

Tires Story:

Now looking at the picture of the Vehicle and the driveway and the Tires. These 3 parts of the picture are my focus.

The story starts off on a rainy day,  years back on a late Fall day in October. Cloudy drizzling rain a wet stone aggregate driveway.

First, off the Tires,  I bought for my Vehicle in question were bought in a weak moment of saving money on buying my new Tires. The Tires actually looked great, with a nice candy-eye appeal.

Picture This:

I have jumped into my vehicle and backed out of my 60-foot driveway, heading out for an appointment (Dentist of course) lots of times,  early is always better for me.

Heading on my way, then Oh! darn,  I forgot my wallet. Back I go,  now my time is not in my favor anymore. Up the driveway,  I go rather on the speedy side,  thinking my new Tires and great brakes will stop me just fine.

Well, circumstances of the wet stone aggregate driveway and a speed factor faster than probably should have been and wanting to try out my Tires stopping abilities.

My new Tires just didn’t seem to Meet and Greet the wet driveway like I was anticipating they would for a nice quick stop. Instead,  I slide in a skid into my side aluminum garage door. Thank goodness it was my side and not my wife’s side.

Well, it’s a very unexpected and unnerved situation to be all of a sudden,  a 3rd of my vehicles hood on the inside of my side garage door with the garage door in the (down closed) position. That was more painful than my sore tooth.

My learning lesson here that things (Tires may look good),  the cheap price was pretty much self-explanatory,  but I was looking for the deal. The Tires were cheap, so they had a lower ability to grip as would an expensive Tire.

Hey I just figured out my speed and how far I skidded on my driveway surface. Using a little bit of physics. To Get it See Below

That taught me a good lesson,  to buy good Tires. You don’t get the quality of a Tire with a cheap price dangling in front,  just like those shiny objects that attract one’s attention.

Just felt I should share this experience with You,  so as to hopefully prevent anyone from buying cheap,  so You won’t have any unpleasant consequences present themselves.

Love Stories

If You have a story you want to share,  please leave in the comments box below the little helper, thanks for now…Doug

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