Tire Tread Wear – Patterns-Causes-Must Do’s

Tires are what keep You grounded to the road surface. What this means is good (new) Tires give You 100% traction between Tire and Terrain.

So today is about checking Your Tire tread for wear patterns, finding out the causes of Tire wear and the Must Do’s to prevent premature Tire wear problems.

These 3 topics on Tire wear will cover Cars, SUVs, and Trucks of almost all sizes that run on-road. Not off-road vehicles like Industrial Heavy-Duty Vehicles.

How To Identify Wear PatternsLack of Tire Maintance Here-Ya Think

Toe Tire Wear  / Camber Tire Wear

The wear looks of this nature would be excessive peeling of the Tire Surface appearing on the edge of the Tire, either on the inside or the outside.

If left to wear in this state You would see a lopsided Tire forming or take on this oddball appearance.

“Okay, a slight over-exaggeration on this tire picture.”

Do You remember ??? hitting that pothole which You in no way possible could avoid meeting and greeting head-on. How about swerving to miss that runaway shopping cart heading straight for You? Remember having to quickly maneuver out of its way and possibly hitting that curb or low cement retainer wall.

But at least that shopping cart full of 4 brand new tires wasn’t damaged by your awesome driving skills

Center Tire Wear

Who put too much air into my Tires, because the Center of my Tire is wearing off quicker than the rest of my wonderful Tires? Did I do that when I was packing heavy loads of my favorite firewood out of the bush?

I think I forgot to readjust my Tire Pressure down, back to the normal inflated amount. Oh, Och! a self-inflicted Tire wear Issue. OH DARN!

Cupping Tire Wear

Has a Distinct look been identified by Scalloping on the Tire? So looking at your Tire, if the tread wear appears to be at diagonal and interval angles the problem is not good but certainly fixable.

This is one (a take action call) to Get You to your Favourite repair shop probably as soon as possible for the safety of yourself and your passengers

Badly worn parts are the usual culprit here in this situation.

Outer Tire Wear

Blown Out Tire
Just Got to Watch Those Back Road Pot Holes

If your Tires both front and rear are showing signs of more wear to the outside of your Tires more so than a nice even wear across your Tires. A good chance here

You are running on a low-air Inflated Tire. You will need to add the recommended amount of Tire Pressure.

You can find the Tire Pressure Rating Sticker for your Tires on display on the inside of the driver’s door or on the post of the driver’s door.

That being said if You have your own compressor get into pumping while it’s on your mind, If not then head to your local friendly Tire shop or General repair shop.

I have also seen many serve-yourself Air Stations around Gas Stations off to the side out of harm’s way.

Patchy Tire Wear

This type of pattern displaying itself on the face of your Tire Tread is an out-of-balance tire condition. Think about this a moment, can You feel a shimmy or vibration coming up through the steering wheel into your hands while on the steering wheel?

How about feeling more vibration coming from inside the vehicle more so the driver or passenger seat?
If You can feel the shimmy-shimmy shake or vibration sensation, then have your Tires checked for being out of Balance

Some Causes Of Premature Tire Wear 

  • Tire Inflation (either too much or not enough Air)

  • Wheel Alignment ( I think, but not sure) did I Meet and Greet some Road Debris at some time?

  • Worn Suspension, this is just usually a case of high mileage parts wearing out. Only premature if the parts have a defect within the component undetected.

  • Toe Tire wear is more silent tire wear, out of alignment condition. Not to noticeable driving condition, but at the same time causes some accelerated Tire wear.

  • Worn Shock Absorbers can and will cause the affected Tire to Bounce or Dance up and down while driving. The reason is the Tire can not keep constant contact with the road surface. This bouncing up and down rhythm can cause Tire Chunking or pieces of your Tire to lose some Rubber. That’s not spreading joy in any way.

  • Front-wheel drive eh? Well, understand this if You please, that the Tires on the front will wear quicker than the back Tires. Okay here’s why I am glad You asked. The weight of the Engine and Trans-axle pretty much directly over the Front Tires is the number one factor. Combining that with quick acceleration and fast hard stops bearing the weight on top of the tires may likely cause a quicker Tire Wear Condition. I am just saying not written in stone.

  • I may be Premature here on this observation of owning a Front Wheel Trans-axle Vehicle, maybe I just had two front Tires of a low-grade rubber composition, that must be it. Oh! did I mention rotating the tires front to back and back to front more often than not to get your best Tire Wear Life possible?

  • Another Premature Tire Wear Situation here. Keep in mind that I have certainly done this on occasion. My Car – My Truck. Your Car – Your Truck. Maybe just has a LITTLE Performance work done on the Engine. I myself just had to try out the response of the Tires to the Road Surface. The only way to get a true evaluation of this event was through the Acceleration Factor of the Gas Peddle approaching the floorboards at rapid speed. Does this in any way bring on memories for all reading here? The end result is blue Smoke from burning rubber Tires. Yeah! big smile on the face here. Yeah! Premature Tire Wear Here.

  • Do’s To Prevent Premature Tire Wear. You and I can’t prevent all Tire Wear issues. What one can do as an owner/driver of your vehicle is to Adjust one’s Driving Habits. You know things like Heavy Accelerating from a stop | Hard Fast Braking | Cornering at High Speeds instead of what the posted speed limit sign has written on it. Constantly Monitor and Maintain Proper Tire Pressure. Rotate your Tires every 10,000 miles intervals, more if You are doing heavy hauling,

Remember Tire Wear is caused by the Human factor of Accelerating, taking corners at high speed, and Starting and Stopping one’s vehicle Aggressively.

The other factor that plays into Tire Wear is not caused by the driver

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  • Worn Suspension Parts – need to be replaced
  • Worn out Shock Absorbers – need to be replaced
  • Poor Tire Maintenance, badly worn – needs to be replaced

Check This Video Out For Your Tire Wear Problem Below, For Viewing.

Like Trailer Towing etc. Lastly, Your Big Investment would be setting up a routine Wheel Alignment Schedule. Guess I should get more serious about this one ( The Alignment Appointment Schedules )

I hope this article helped You with some of your Tire Concerns. This is what Wiki Expedia says about Tires. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tire <======= Hoping I didn’t under Inflate or over Inflate the moment and by all means, leave a comment if so desire to.

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