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Did You Buy

Did You buy your new set of 4 Tires after doing all your research on your favorite Tire brand and Tire size, that fit your Car, SUV, or Truck? Did You purchase your new Tires On-Line or from your local Tire Shop? Did You do it versus not doing it? The trend is moving more and more to On-Line buying, which allows most of us to read the reviews on the products one is wanting to purchase.

While You were checking out new Tires, did You come across some New Wheel Rims that would personalize or Brand your vehicle with your Stylish Image? Let’s say You found the Tires You wanted, probably a great set of 4 All Season that would look great on your new Wheel Rims. A Tire to Rim match that certainly would express the way You feel about your Ride, and all this was done online, right?

On-Line Or Off-Line

Online Ordering
Online Ordering

Okay then, the company You bought from sent your newly purchased Tires and Rims to You so that You could have your favorite Tire shop just a few miles away from You to do the mounting, balancing, and installation on your vehicle.

There will be always Tire Shops that must exist to perform, to manage the tasks of installing Tires and Rims along with Auto Servicing for your favorite Car, Truck, or SUV.

Those Brick-and-Mortar services are here to stay if we’re going to be motoring around in our ground-anchored gravity-held vehicles. I can see this can You? that this is a marriage between Brick and Mortar and Online Shopping.

I see it, as online shopping is Space Travel, and Brick and Mortar are physical hands-on as related to the Auto Service Industry. That is just my analogy, what do You think?

Brick And Mortar
Struggling In The Online World

Auto Servicing Maintenance

Have You done it yet? Want to save some money, maybe lots of cash that can stay in your bank account or your pocket? Maybe the pocket is not the best place for those who love to spend money out of pocket. Where I am going is back into the driver’s seat of your Ride.

Now, this may be somewhat difficult to wrap your head around at first but certainly will save You the (Big Buck) expenditures in the long run.

Setting Up Those Maintenance Appointments

Visualize spending smaller amounts of money more often than a big bunch of money at one time. What does that mean and how does that work?

Setting The Appointment
Don’t Wait Do it Now

If one can get into the habit of setting up a Maintenance Schedule Program for your vehicle as often as needed to keep the big expenses at bay or totally away. From catching up to You off guard and usually always at the wrong time to have to spend money on the big buck repairs.

I know spending money on your Car SUV Truck is not always on one’s priority list of to-do. For some people, it is just what they do for their vehicles.

Why because they can view the vehicle as their only form of transportation, their Lifeline to get them to work in the morning and home again at the end of their workday Safe and Sound.

Affiliate Disclosure – When You click links on this site and buy products, I may receive an affiliate commission through Amazon.com. You will not pay more by buying when You click my links. When I suggest certain products, it is because my research or personal experience has shown that they may be helpful to You. Thank You for your support.

Some items to be on the Maintenance List

  • Items that You can add to Your Maintenance list I will put in the Do list form.
  • Engine oil and filter change at approximately 5,000 to 10,000 km/miles depending on the quality of oils being used.
  • Fluids under the hood like Power Steering, Brake Fluid, and Window Washer Fluid every month or less.

  • The front end of your vehicle is to check for any wear on steering components that may need attention and to also check for alignment to keep your Tires from wearing prematurely.
  • Maybe due to hitting that pothole or two in an area where the road was damaged possibly from winter’s harshness, and there was no way
    You could have avoided the pothole on such short notice of seeing it.
  • Brakes Front and Back should be on your maintenance schedule to be checked about every 20,000 km/miles.

  • The one area I (Yell Out Caution) is if You do this yourself. Checking your own Radiator Fluid via the Main radiator cap If, upon inspection of the plastic viewing tank beside your radiator shows a low antifreeze reading. Do not remove the Radiator Cap from the Radiator when HOT!!!.

Why, Because Extremely Hot Engine Coolant (Antifreeze) will be under pressure and may cause Scalding to one’s hands, arms, and face. “DON’T DO IT”.

Check This Video Out On Car Maintenance

Hot Steamy Gyser Water
Be Very Careful of Your Car’s Hot Radiator

That pretty much covers the Maintenance Schedule for your vehicle. Yes, You are going to spend smaller amounts of money more often, but if the Maintenance Program works. It will save You (Big Bucks) in the end.

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I am open to any questions or comments that may be on your mind. So, Let’s save You some money. Let’s hear from You.

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