How Long Are Tires Good For – Not For Ever

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In Climate Controlled Storage Space

You can accomplish getting more life out of your selected rubber Tires You may spend a lot of time researching and price-checking the deals. So how long are Tires good for – not forever, that’s a non-written warranty

The climate-controlled storage space goes to the number one spot for maximum life for your Tires when not in use. This is a very real-time factor of 10 years full for your Tires living in this environment, and that may be pushing it.

How can this be an extension of my Tire life, by having your Tires out of harm’s way? That being said, much prevention rears its head here. The cold weather conditions of rain, slush, freezing rain, and snow to name a few are contributors to how long tires are good for.

The other flip of the seasons is summer with the hot beating down the sun and the destructive ultraviolet rays and ozone being generated and attacking everything in its path.

The Tires You Are Driving Now, can and will be a safe ride for an average of six years, from the manufacturer’s build date of the Tire, found on the sidewall of the Tire. To achieve your six-year Tire life, one must take good care of your Tires.

Now is probably a good time to list some preventive maintenance tire care Tips to follow. It’s just getting into the habit of doing it.

Tips for Tire Life, depending on the road terrain You travel on, the weather You face all year long, and the stress the weight of the vehicle puts on the Tires, short driving with lots of sharp turning involved, or the long-haul freeway driving. All the driving conditions will create their own specific Tire Wear Issues.

Tool For Your Tires

Tire care maintenance

to help with increased longevity of your Tires and maximizing life, why not learn more tire knowledge here?

  • Proper Tire Air Inflation. Following the manufacturer’s recommendations, the quick check is usually on the driver’s door post. Get into the habit of checking your tires once a month. Put that in your phone Memo of (to-do’s).

  • Try as hard as You may keep from kissing those curbs with your Tires, caused by hugging those corners which we all like to do at times. I am so guilty of that; I just fear it won’t happen when I have my wife in the truck with me.

  • Stay away from undesirable road debris surfaces like potholes that have a tendency to suck your Tires in to check out the bottom of the hole and sharp stones or arrowheads which I would keep and broken asphalt conditions that can shred your Tires.

  • Watch for Tires that are wearing the tread oddly, like for example a look of scuffing or cupping or a shredded look or wearing quickly compared to the other Tires. The possible alignment will be needed to correct Tire wear. Remember that pothole that snuck up on You a way back and there was no way to avoid it? If hitting a pothole shakes You up! then what about the shock and stress your Tires and you’re steering components encountered?

  • Wash and inspect your Tires for cuts, bulges, cracks, or intrusion of foreign objects like nails, screws, or sharp pieces of anything.

Tire Safety: Expiration Dates

You had just purchased your new Tires only 8 months ago. Finally, You had the time to go for a nice long cruise on those new Tires. A great sunny day a carefree feeling and after 4 hours heading back home.

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Maybe You felt something strange but thought it was the road surface like a dip in the road a small pothole You didn’t see. Turning into your driveway, there is that slight protrusion of cement that rises from the asphalt forming the lip of the sidewalk, leading into your driveway.

Front Tires are in your driveway, the rear Tires hit the start of the sidewalk rise and boom, the noise of something exploding comes from behind You.

Flat Tire
How Could That Happen To My New Tire

Not thinking that it would or could be your new Tires, after stopping the car where You usually park it You felt the angle of the back of the car was not right. You soon found out that your right rear Tire was flat as could be.

Tire warranty to the Rescue

just locate your warranty papers and you are good to go, now just make the call. Did You ever think that your Tires were not new as in from the manufacturer’s place then onto the delivery truck to the shop where You purchased your Tires?

Ever thought that the Tires You picked for your vehicle may have been sitting on the shelf for years before You made the buy? Just remember if this is so, your warranty is still valid from the day of purchase.

Even though your purchased set of Tires has never been on any other vehicle, The Tires may have been sitting in storage or on a shelf tucked away in mistakenly hidden from or out of site viewing. ”Every Tire has a birth date coding”

Department of Transportation (DOT)

Code of 10 or 11 characters embedded on the inside of the Tire. This coding (DOT) may also appear on the outside of the Tire, which makes it much easier to read.

The last 4 digits are the birth of the tires. As seen here, under Manufactures Date. (03) is the month (16) is the Year Tire was made, and the full version is the {3rd} week – of the year {2016}.

Anyway if you’re like me, I am on my way out to my truck to check the manufacturer’s code (DOT) on my Tires. I bought my new tires back in (2017) so hoping to see them any week (12 -17). This would be the {12th- week} of {2017- year}.

My findings on my Pickup Truck Tires are (DOT) coded {32 – 17} which tells me that my Tires were made by the manufacturer on the (32-week) of the year (2017).

Now that makes me happy, just knowing now that the Tires I purchased for my truck, did not sit hidden away on the Tire Rack in the back of a Tire Shop.

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