Review: Small Tool Accessory Bag

Product Name: Black Small PVC Tool Bag – SH61403

Price: See Amazon for $-Price of Product

Ratings: 4 to 5

Product: Small Black PVC Tool Bag – Overview

The Good-Pro/The Bad-Con

The Good:

Pro #1 Small PVC Tool Bag – Velcro Closure

Pro #2 Ideal for those smaller special tools

Pro #3 Nice Black Color

Pro #4 Length About 9 inches-Width About 5 ins

Pro #5 Only two Reviews – Ratings show 5.0 out of 5 Stars

Pro #6 There Are 3 Toolbag sizes to choose from

The Bad:

Con #1 Can’t lock it like some Larger Models

Con #2 Only comes in one color – Black

Con #3 Would need to be selective on Tools carried in Smaller Tool Bag

Who Would Use This Product:

Black Small PVC Tool Bag – SH61403

Vehicle owners want to carry minimal Quality Specialty Tools in case of unexpected Tire issues that may arise while out on the road.

Motorcycle owners could appreciate the compact size of the Accessory Tool Bag converting it to a strap-on location on the Bike.

Other 2 Wheeler and 4 Wheeler’s out in the backcountry, climbing Mountain trails or making your own trails. The 4 Wheelers that are run for Leisure travel or for Hunting game Always need that Tool Bag tucked away somewhere on or in your All-Terrain vehicle.

Remember to view all 3 sizes of the: Shaf International SH61403 Black Small PVC Accessory Tool Bag.

Click > Check > Confirm> – 3 Accessory Tool Bag Sizes.

Just so You know I myself do not have any of the 3 Accessory Tool Bags. I have my Favorite Tools stuffed into my old 12-inch long by 8-inch tall no-name bag. Although I think there was a name attached to my Tool Bag once upon a time, years ago. Yes I know I have trouble letting go of things that just keep on working well.

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