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This is a device, a piece of equipment that videos the truth. Running an automobile dash camera in your Car SUV or Truck, if in a fender bender will certainly be catching it all as it happens.

What Do They Fit? Well by today’s standards, one can almost put anything anywhere. Now that being said your Car, your SUV, and your Truck would be great too. Ya, I like trucks that’s what I drive.

Being Cautious always works well in one’s favor. We all know there are many careless drivers along with some really great courteous drivers out there on the road.

Dash Cams for rear-view mirrors have a built-in feature that allows, the catch it all approach to the truth of what really happened involving an accident between vehicles that just get way too close to one another, crunch!

Let’s Assume, it is your vehicle in question and another vehicle or vehicles in a fender bender, You now have the evidence to prove the at-fault driver recorded on the dashcam video. This will certainly protect You from any fraudulent claims that may be directed at You.

Also, a very good chance of saving money on vehicle insurance premiums. Just like the anti-theft devices that deter, would-be thieves from targeting your vehicle benefit your premiums.

What Are Dash Cams

10 inch Mirror Dash Cam For recording Vehicle Accidents
Catching It All As It Happens Whether Your Inside The Vehicle Or Outside


Today dash cams are more than just a piece of dashboard hardware standing alone on guard. The dash-cam is like a soldier standing on guard and ready for action, providing You are feeding (him/her) 12 volts of interrupted power.

Scanning the horizon waiting for it is a motion detection sensor to activate it is a wide area of field viewing and recording capabilities to catch it all.

This activation feature will happen even when You are at home sleeping, the motion detection sensors will guard your vehicle in the outside elements of nature and human intelligence.

The dash cam recording device will turn on after a bumping motion has been detected and will then start tracking the issue at once. The wide-angle viewing is a must for capturing all.

These high-security dash cam tools, when installed, are standing tall to serve and protect You and your special ride with the rear mirror dash cam the recorded truth while You are driving it, or in park mode.

Why Buy A Dash Camera (Cam)

Rear Dash Cam
I May Be Tiny, But I Am Mighty

Recording what the dash-cam sees when movement enters it is fields of vision, is for your protection. This footage can be used in a court of law as your very own eyewitness that displays only the truth.

The memory of recorded video is the truth, no second-guessing, just the facts to the fair justification of fault.

Fraudulent insurance claims or denials from insurance companies could certainly mean an open-and-shut case in the eyes of the law.

So, in ending here, the dash-cam would be your friend in need to provide truthful protection for You against the disputed fender bender and the possibly distorted fraudulent claims brought against You.

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What to Look For in a Dash Cam

Types of Dash Cameras (Cam) Here are three very “catch it all”,  types of Dash Cams that view and record

  • Dash Camera Only, viewing and recording forward scenery and events (like fender’s love with another vehicle)
  • Dash Camera with viewing and recording forward and GPS enhanced road mapping system of where you would like to go, just put in a destination into your Auto Dash Camera and catching it all as you go.
  • Dash Camera with forward and reverse camera viewing. I could use the back camera one, maybe next time around. This records all forward scenery and events but also allows you to see objects behind you when backing up. Like when someone has pulled up too far in the parking stall behind you that you are backing up into. I never have and will never like that little bumper bump action behind me. Should make an Eye Appointment, that wouldn’t hurt me to do so, just saying.

Dash Cam View Points

  1. Power Supply of 12 volts, either by plugging into your cigarette or (cigar) lighter or USB port located inside the cockpit of your vehicle. Now just keeping in mind that most USB ports may shut down 12 volts to your device when the ignition key is shut or turned off. I am thinking there will be a cure for plummeting power issues, soon from the big-boy manufacturers.
  2. Incident Recordings, triggered by an impact or motion detection to your vehicle while parked at rest, by alarming the impact sensors within the Dash Cam. Rock and Roll is caught all the time.
  3. Continuous Loop Recording will save video recordings for specified intervals before being overwritten. You can use the save information button to hold video recordings you don’t want to be overwritten. The normal, with Dash Cams, is they will overwrite older recordings when they run out of space.
  4. Self-Powered Recording will allow you to set the dash-cam, to how long you want it to run on the 12-volt power supply before shutting it is self-down.
  5. A Decent View of Field Width, you will catch more action and what’s happening around you, If one goes for the 120 to 140-degree fields of view.
  6. Day and Night Video Recording, watch for nighttime quality that is available in various brands and models. Not all Dash Cams are equal in performance. Just speaking out of the dark here.
  7. Cloud Storage is also available with some dash cams. Allowing you to upload to the cloud your recorded videos to be looked at again later
  8. Dash Cam Boasting Features, like front and rear multi-lens coverage, 720 HD up to 1080 HD and beyond to the 4K capturing it all mode. I have already mentioned the night vision feature, well how about the installed WIFI and Blue Tooth perks to some models of Dash Cams? Hey, that’s hands free-no phone in hand and no ticket from highway patrolmen/women.
  9. Voice-Activated Technology, not sure I need another voice to be present in my vehicle cockpit, Good at times, and maybe not so good at other times, depending on the crowd control within one’s vehicle at a given time.
  10. Dash Cams are Providing to be that extra set of eyes that ride along with you on your journeys, that show the truth when a driving incident happens during the daytime and in the evening and also while your vehicle may be just resting at the curb or in the confines of a shopping mall. Shop on, your GPS – Dash Cam, Recorder is catching it all.


Is left with your decision. Research to find out what your needs will be, from simple use of Dash Cams for rear-view mirrors to high-tech units. They are out there waiting to be installed on your Dashboard or Windshield – to catch it all ======> Dash Cam Review Here

Comments Welcome, let me know if you are happy with your Dash Cam. Maybe some Pros. And Cons. if any. I hope you have enjoyed reading the information about Dash Cams.

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