10 Inch Mirror Dash Cam – Review | Catching It all

10-inch super large streaming media, finger swipe touch control screen. Boasting a 1080p 10-inch High Definition (HD) viewing screen. You see more of the traffic front and rear which allows you to be catching it all.

Its 170-degree ultra-wide lens stands to wait and ready to capture all the critical details (license plates, signposts and more). Just swish movement of a finger you go front to back camera. You just never know when your bumper meets a stranger’s bumper. No love here.

PRODUCT NAME: 10 Inch Mirror Dash Cam Full Touch Screen, Poaeaon Back-Up Camera Full Screen 1080p viewing.

PRICE: Amazon.ca and Amazon.com


OWNER: Operator

RATINGS: 4 out of 5

PRODUCT OVERVIEW DESCRIPTION: This driving tool, the 10-inch mirror dash cam full touch screen, Poaeaon Backup Camera Stream Media, 1080p 170 degrees front wide-angle, with rear 1080p 150-degree wide-angle all in (HD) viewing. Catching it all as it happens. A must-see here with (Superior Night Vision and G-Sensor and Loop Recording) Don’t do a drive-by on this one, nothing wrong with having eyes of the dash-cam that see all, that tells all.

PRO’S: Black in color, displaying a low profile in your vehicle rather than a shiny object that would most likely draw some attention.

  • When the mirror viewing screen is off, it performs well as your original rear-view mirror, remember only in the eyes of the beholder.
  • Reports on the picture quality have been described as (Good – The Best – Fantastic) once again one’s own eyes view different from others’ eyes.
  • Construction of the mirror framework carries a good feel of solid sturdy build. Yes, dressed in black.
  • The clip-on feature seems to be a good hug of a fit with foam cushion spacers between the original mirror and dash-cam mirror.
  • It comes with a 32gb mini-SD card. So, no need to buy, unless you want a backup card.
  • Easy to install. Okay, this one is debatable I feel. Why you say, well my thoughts are not all vehicles are the same to install devices and not each person installs the same way. Just my view in (HD) on this one.
10 inch Mirror Dash Cam For recording Vehicle Accidents
Catching It All As It Happens Whether Your Inside The Vehicle Or Outside
  • It comes with all the wiring components, no extras needed. I like what they say, but there are good days and not such great days in those little packages, keeping in mind this applies to all kinds of devices.
  • Plugs into your cigarette/cigar lighter power, USB is close behind on some units.
  • Back up camera good viewing during the daytime. It’s been stated that nighttime viewing is also good.I’m not a nighttime driver, especially in the rain. People have suggested that I may need glasses, or don’t drive in the rain – ouch.
  • CON’S:  Instruction Installations, could take a little longer than suggested. Not all cars and trucks are easy to run wires to the rear of the vehicle and have them nicely tucked out of sight. Also, if you are like me, I work easily paced and methodical, which would describe me as, Yes, slow.

    • A problem with bright lights caught in the rear-view dash cam mirror was a problem until it was realized that the original mirror daytime nighttime finger switch was found and toggled. Should have figured that out sooner. Certainly, it makes sense to me now.
    • Maybe a bit of vibration from the dash-cam mirror, if the foam anti-vibration pads are not installed in the correct locations between the original mirror and the 10-inch mirror dash-cam. There fixed, moving on now.
    • It could be possible that on longer vehicles, let’s say truck, that the wiring harness to the rear camera, may come up a little short, and no you can’t take a heat gun or wife’s hairdryer to heat and stretch wires. Unplug it right now.
    • Certain original vehicle mirrors could and will be different thickness. It could be a bit of a Tight pull, just like when I go to the restaurant of favorite choice and my belt needs an adjustment to handle thickness.
    I May Be Small But I Work BIG

    WHAT IS IT FOR: To record forward activity on the road while driving to your destinations. When reversing to see how close you are before a bumper hug happens while backing into a parking stall.
    This below is the rear camera.  Hiding out at the rear of your vehicle ————————————————————————————————————————->>>>>>

    WHO WOULD USE THIS PRODUCT: All drivers – the Young – the Older – the  Females – the Males – Anyone with a driver’s license,

     Hey that would like to carry protection against other motorists, that may cause an altercation between themselves and you. With you having proof of the event recorded on your dash-cam. You have with your Mirror dash-cam eyes in the front and eyes in the rear of your vehicle. These eyes tell the story, the truth nothing but the truth. See It Here Below

    HOW IT HELPS PEOPLE: To prove their innocence when accused of being at fault in a vehicle accident.

    WHY I RECOMMEND IT: To build confidence and peace of mind driving, knowing you have eyes watching and safeguarding you.

    CONCLUSION: Truth is I don’t have this 10-inch mirror dash cam installed in my 2004 Chevy Avalanche – YET. I just placed my order with Amazon this afternoon 11-12-2019. My Pro’s and Con’s came from reviews of others and talking to owners who have the 10-inch mirror dash cam installed and catching it all.

    Affiliate Disclosure – I am an Affiliate of many products being promoted on Amazon.com and may receive a commission if you buy something. You will buy directly from the seller of the product I am promoting in my post.

    I can’t wait to install the mirror dash-cam. That being said I am retired but do still keep my College and Government Automotive and Heavy Duty Truck Technician Certificates close by me. Just in case you know, pulling out the tools for an upcoming project coming soon.

    I Love a Good Story
    Wrench Man To The Rescue
    Here To Help

    I enjoyed doing this review. Comments or questions are welcome. Please just leave below. Thanks, Doug. Looking in your rear-view mirror what do you see?

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