Automatic Transmission Noise | Why Is It There

Do You hear at times noises

like Gurgling – Whining or even – Grinding sounds?

Transmission Noise
Could This Really Hurt My Transmission?

Why Is There A Noise in My Automatic Transmission

Gurgling: Usually heard from under the hood or with the hood of the vehicle open, would be a really good indicator that your transmission is low on fluid.

Another symptom associated with a low fluid condition would be, or may not, would be a transmission operating sluggishly.

Why would I hear Gurgling Sound?

To answer the cause of that for You, Would be that upon checking your transmission fluid level. You would find the level of the fluid to be very low or may not even show on the measuring stick (dipstick) funny Tag Name but is a household name and Shop name when being used to check fluids

Why is My Fluid Low?

Okay if You do Yoga or Tia Chi or are very Athletic, You can maneuver into a position where one could possibly see the Red Coloring of the automatic transmission fluid.

That has found its way from its inside interior home, where the fluid is supposed to be, to a more unwelcome exterior environment.

You may see this under your vehicle, more so when it has been raining

If the fluid does get to a very low state, You should be aware that the vehicle you are driving may not want to go forward or may not want to reverse.

So, there You sit (it’s called a no-go situation) If at all possible, like, You may have extra transmission fluid waiting to be used lurking in your trunk or in the back of your truck.

Then that would be awesome, get the fluid poured into the small tubular hole where the (dipstick) resides. Now get to your favorite repair shop to inspect your vehicle for why You are losing Automatic Transmission Fluid.

Whining Another Noise, usually heard from inside the vehicle while sitting in the driver’s seat. This will certainly attract your attention to listen. First off You may say the noise can’t be coming from my car. Must be that car beside me, but then when He/She drives away in their car, the noise is still there.

Why is The Noise Still There?

Okay, it wasn’t your neighbor’s car whining, (it is yours) Now here are some possible causes.

  • If no Automatic Transmission Maintenance has been performed in years and years or maybe never, why because some of us, including me, may think it doesn’t need any maintenance.
  • What’s that old saying, which I think is still being used (out of sight out of mind) =====>>> A Plugged Filter Would Be the Number 1 Cause <<<=======
Car filter kit
Cleans the fluid entering the transmission
  • This condition would also be associated with a rather lazy working transmission. Due to the fact that the transmission fluid is being restricted to not allow the correct working operation of your vehicle.
  • The Fix if caught Soon Enough, would be that, overdue automatic transmission servicing program, but it needs to be done right away. Not oh! I will get to it later. Later (procrastination) trust me here, will cost you dearly in major repairs (ouch)
  • Now That Being Said, a whining noise does not always mean one has an automatic transmission issue. Keep in mind that if the transmission is not working properly along with the associated noise, then chances the relevance of the two may be in fact an automatic transmission-related problem.
  • Whining is it My Transmission, well maybe not! Let me tell You of a situation that I was a part of years ago when I ran my own Automatic Transmission Shop, Owner/Operator (38 Years in Business) A Chevy custom van was sent to me from another shop to diagnosis a transmission whining noise issue. A very distraught individual arrived shortly after the phone call from the General Repair Shop
  • . So after listening very closely to the customer’s answers to my questions, which I recorded to have a clear understanding of his version. I checked the fluid level for being at the normal operating range and the color and odor of the fluid. At this point in the inspection, all was good. I then took the customer with me on the road test to get a feel of the workings of the automatic transmission. Transmission works great and Yes I hear the whining noise.
  • So What Was The Whining Noise? The whining noise was not the transmission, but because it was a van with a tightly closed in engine compartment area, the noise radiated down towards the transmission area. Making the transmission look like the culprit to be accused unjustly. The fix to correct the whining noise was to Replace the bearings in the Alternator.
  • Building Trust > Builds Long term Relations > Builds Friendships > Builds Reputation > Builds one’s Future.
  • car transmission

    No Noise No Movement, what are my chances of not having a Big Repair to deal with here? Okay, this has very little chance of working in your favor. Understanding Your Automatic Transmission Better

    But there is still hope, don’t give up yet. Let’s talk about this for a minute. My question to You is, was there any noise to be heard?

    Like a grinding or a popping noise or even a jerking feeling to the vehicle before you started slowing to a stop.

    If You answered yes to my question, then chances are You may have a major repair issue. This can hurt one’s saving account.

    If You answered no to my question, then a much better scenario may be present to justify (a no movement condition) I have seen it on occasion where the Automatic Transmission Filter has fallen out of its location and dropped down into the transmission pan area.

    When this happens, then the fluid cannot be picked up through the filter to feed the transmission the fluid it needs to operate the transmission properly.

    If maintenance to your Automatic Transmission has been on your mind, but never really was a priority. Then Think again, that our vehicles are our lifelines to get where we have to go every day.

    School, Work, Appointments, Meetings, Events, Friends, Groceries, Shopping in your Favorite Stores, Road Trips I think You get my point :).

    Start today, check the fluid yourself, and have a little look (peek) under your vehicle. Walk around your precious vehicle, and look at your tires for low inflation.

    Check your rims for any damage after hugging the curb and kissing your tire and rim up against that curb.

    Just saying here, that this seems to be one of my many faults. Usually, it’s always my rear passenger side tire that seems to constantly want to meet and greet the curb – it’s frustrating, to say the least.

    The way I look at my truck is that it gets me to where I want to go and if I want to get there safely and trouble-free.

    Affiliate Disclosure – I am an Affiliate of many products being promoted on and may receive a commission if you buy something. You will buy directly from the seller of the product I am promoting in my post.

    Then I must treat my truck with respect and have it serviced at the proper mileage, but at the same time not overdo it. I look at it as though my truck is a good friend that I rely on.

    So, I need to treat my friend to what it needs to be good to me.

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