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The Traxion 5-100 Tailgate Ladder, are you tired of looking for a short 2 to 3-foot step ladder to get you into the back bed of your truck and out without tipping that free-standing step ladder over?

Tailgat Ladder
Enter Here Safely

Especially tired of trying to wrestle your body up into the truck box to get that piece of whatever, that is rolling around or even sliding around and making annoying sounds coming to your ears.

There it sits in an area, the untouchable piece of whatever it is, can’t get it from the side of the box and can’t get it from the tailgate end.

Never a stick around to try to persuade out that rolling noisily can or glass bottle that somehow got into the back of the truck totally making a nuisance of itself, and it wasn’t me either.

Well guess what you need this tailgate ladder for your safety and to prevent doing harm to oneself.

Product Name:  Traxion 5-100 Tailgate Ladder

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Traxion 5-100Tailgate Ladder

Product Overview Description

The tailgate ladder is lightweight construction but built strong and durable to handle human weight and withstand all weather conditions

Installed Tailgate Ladder
Unbuckle and Flip Over

that mother nature will throw at it. It comes in one color that is a color we are most customed to “Black”

This tailgate ladder will fit almost every truck out there on the road, except the” Big Boy Trucks” that have frame lift kits that raise the truck to a higher level from the road surface the normal.

Hey just to let you know I am a human well into my retirement years and I have tried all kinds of distorted positions getting into the back of my Chevy Avalanche and you know what, the tailgate always wins to place discomfort into my body.

I don’t carry a 2-3 step portable ladder with me all the time(darn) Sure I always use it at home, but that doesn’t help me on the road. Your right most of the time I just forget to pack it in the back of my truck. Forgetting blossoms with age, by the way, just saying.

Installation is fairly straightforward install. Hey if you like working with hand tools and an electric or rechargeable power tool then this job is for you.

Once you have it installed according to instructions, then undo the tie-down strapping that holds the ladder in place and flip it over and onto the landing pad – the mother earth ground – cement driveway – asphalt roadway.

Pros and Cons of the Product


  • Easy To Install
  • Fits Most Trucks
  • Deploys In Seconds
  • Easy Entry Into the Back Of truck
  • Safe – Easy – Painless Of Use
  • Safe meaning ease of joints


  • Possibility Of Rattling Noise At Times – Simple Fix
  • Black Is The Only Color ( Probably The Best Overall)
  • May Twist When Using On Soft Ground (Balance Alert)

What is it For:

The Tailgate ladder is your way with safety the main issue is to be able to get into the back bed of your pickup truck to either load or unload your tools, equipment, picnic supplies, and whatever else you will pack in the back of your truck. If you work safely your health stays safe. >>>>> Step up to a Safer Way <<<<<

Who Would Use This Product:

Anybody male/female that loves their truck. Remember trucks are made for Girls and Guys who use it as a truck to pack stuff will find this tailgate ladder a great asset for the safety and confidence it gives to the truck owner upon entering the storage area.

How it Helps People:

Tailgate Ladder Entry
Entering The Safeway

When installed and used properly as per instructions, then the true value of the tailgate ladder will prevent the cause of injury to oneself upon entering and exiting the truck bed box. Most importantly you will take the pressure off your ankles knee joints and your good old hard-working hips.

Why because without the ladder one is twisting themselves into awkward positions, like a twisted pretzel going up and in the box and then going back out of the box the same way.

Worse yet at times you think you are Superman or Super Woman and jump off the tailgate and that’s okay if you are a trained stuntman or woman (are you feeling the pain yet)

Why I Recommend It:

For the young and the older male and females, aches and pains can become a part of our life sometimes sooner than we want them. But we certainly don’t need to bring on needless straining of our joints ahead of time because we have done something beyond our stretching mobility limits.

Ankles, knees, and hips like to run on a pretty defined course of directional angles that, can cause much pain when forced outside their perimeters of travel.

Affiliate Disclosure – I am an Affiliate of many products being promoted on and may receive a commission if you buy something. You will buy directly from the seller of the product I am promoting in my post.


  • Order The Traxion 5-100 Tailgate Ladder
  • Don’t order the ladder
  • Install the product
  • Don’t install the product
  • Use the ladder
  • Don’t use the ladder
  • Jump from the back of the truck
  • Don’t jump from the back of the truck
  • Your choice, then jump to the ground absorbing the impact pounding to your joints
  • Take the ladder step by step down to the ground, the landing soft on your joints
  • What’s on your tailgate a Joint Relief Product or A Pain Enhancer- No Tailgate Ladder

As Always if you would like to leave me a comment or a short story about the experience with a tailgate ladder or no tailgate ladder then step up, I would like to hear about it.

I Love a Good Story

Thanks for now, Doug

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