Tires Anyone!

What About Tires Anyway?

If you have a Car Suv or a Truck then sooner or later you will need some new rubber (tires) to get you to work, to college, for a vacation, to your sports events or maybe you are engaged in sports yourself.

Your new tires will get you to your destination safely. Have you ever bought the less expensive tires (cheap tires) I have, why you ask, well because at that point in time I didn’t have the extra cash to purchase (the better tires)

Good Used Tires
Not All Tires Are Equal

Here’s my experience with the tires I purchased at the (discount cheap price). Sunny days driving conditions were great and then the rains came which now was challenging my driving ability on cornering and stopping at quicker speeds.

I couldn’t even drive in the snow, ice conditions only allowed me to slowly drive my SUV into the garage and from there to hang up the keys. Hope spring gets here soon!

If you have a story you are willing to share with me about your experience with less expensive tires (cheap tires) please let me hear from you, thanks for now …Douglas.

This is a picture of the vehicle that went 1/3 of the way into our garage door, of course, the door had to be in the downward closed position. Tires skidding on wet aggregate stone driveway, maybe approaching the closed garage doors at too quick a speed was a factor here along with the purchase of (cheap tires) Can you here the aluminum garage doors buckling in as the SUV slides with full brakes applied, just image it and if you feel the presence of laughter coming on then do it, it on me.

Picture of my 1986 GMC-Jimmy.1986 Jimmy

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