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What Tire Brand Do You Like

Lets name a few: ‘Good Year’ – ‘Fire Stone’ – ‘Bridge Stone’

‘BF Goodrich’ – ‘Uniroyal’ – ‘Kumho Tires’ – ‘Dunlop’ – ‘Cooper’

Toyo’ – ‘Yokohama’ – ‘Michelin’ – ‘Pirelli’ – ‘Dunlop’ – ‘General’

Now that’s just a few mentioned, for all season tires that would certainly fit your car, suv or light truck . For tire buffs that’s only a partial list of the many advertised tire brands. Some of You may only install a brand of tire that has served You well over the years of operating your vehicles of choice. On others minds, it may be a little more challenging and that’s okay its all do able,  just start with picking a tire brand that sounds good and draws your interest, then do a little researching.

Okay so You have put a little time in researching a brand of tire that appeals toYou, because You probably like surfing the net anyways no big deal. Now that You found the tires that will look good on your car, suv or light truck, your thinking now, those all season performance tires are your fit to your driving safety and confidence needs.

Getting Your best Buy:

You want to get the most mileage out of your dollars being spent on your new tires.

Your looking for the (sweet spot)  that’s where tire quality comes close to, or in some cases matches the  dollars being spent.  Try using phrases with words like, “what is my best deal here for the money I am willing to spend” or “I want to get the best deal for my dollar” (the best bang for my buck) red neck as it sounds , it carries a good clout.

Fitting Your Needs:

You can usually look for ‘high end tires’  ‘mid range tires’ even ‘lower end brands’.  You will find a tire brand that fits your needs, whether You are going to keep driving  your vehicle for a longer time as compared to a shorter time period, say because You may want to sell or trade in on another vehicle of choice.


Mileage/kilometres distances will vary upon the quality of tire chosen.  Regardless of tire choice, Question the tires warranty [1] what is mileage warranty on the tire [2] what is the tire puncture coverage and who pays if I am out of the area [3] how often do the tires get rotated to achieve all around even tire wear to maintain the best longevity of my tires [4] Is this all included in the purchase of the tires at no extra charge. One last one and important, its kind of a stand alone issue not spoke much of.

[5] If I have a low tire or a flat tire, what is the policy on driving on that tire in the case of moving off the road to a safe location for the sake of myself and family members and the safety of others around. The reason for this to surface,  is because a warranty may or may not become void if the side wall of tire becomes damaged because of driving with a flat or low inflated tire?  See Here For More Tire Information.

Remember This:


“You get what You pay for is the old saying”. Your choice of course, if You decide to buy a lesser quality tire, then very certain one will end up with a less durable tire. That along with a shorter warranty duration and may have less free options for tire care, and hey that’s okay too, because You may be looking to sell your car, suv or light truck, so the new tires may fetch You a better over all price on the sale.

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