Rims Tires Wheels – What’s In Your Tire !

New Tires and Rims

There You go, Driving around on those new Rims Tires Wheels. Probably saying to yourself, nice Wheels for cruising around feeling good and knowing You will be safe and driving with confidence. Whether You are going to Work, School, Vacation or just enjoying your Ride in the sunshine.

Not even a thought about what’s in your Tire. You just bought peace of mind safety insurance for yourself and Family Members and Friends that ride in your vehicle with You.

This is what happened before the rest happened. Finally, the truck is in the shop, slowly being driven into the Tire Bay. Stopped momentarily then guided up on the ramps to the Tire docking station.                        

Before this outcome that guy named Jeff, that quickly introduced himself and asked for the keys to my truck. Should I have asked him for some ID, even though he was wearing a uniform (shirt and pants) and name tag. All is well because he did show up with my truck.

Now let the music begin and the synchronization of the Tires and Wheel Rims and the powered up air guns, which sound like a rifle range of ammunition going off.

Wheel nuts spinning off the hubs, Original Tires and Wheels pulled from the studs. Then quickly rolled or bounced over to the waiting area of expired Tires and original factory Rims.

More music to my ears as the new Tires were mounted to the new Rims. Now those wheels are looking great. One Tire Techie assembling, two other Techies installing the four matching Rims and Tires.

Wrench Man To The Rescue
I’m Your Techie Guy

After installation with the air gun power, I was glad to see one of the Tire Techies take control of the wheel torque wrench and torque all the wheel rims to the hub studs with the correct torque specifications for my truck.

I was now happy to go and pay the man, then I would get my keys of course. All good, out the door, knowing I can drive with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that its safe for the other motoring public and my family members. Okay, now back to There You go.

Wash the Car, to match up those nice new shiny Rims and Bold Black Tires to your Car- Truck- SUV, whichever vehicle You call your Ride. Okay completely washed and dried, maybe You have even taken a picture or two. You have done your walk around your Ride, all looks good.

You know the correct air pressure has been inflated into your specifications and all-wheel nuts have been torqued to manufacturer specifications, because You were viewing the Tire Technician performing all the necessary steps to ensure your safety, through the waiting room viewing window.

Out on The Road, doesn’t it feel so good to be out on the road today because everything is great, new Rims Tires Wheels, your Ride clean and shining in the best sunny day of the week.

As You drive, You pass by others that have invested their hard-earned money into new Tires and Rims as You have done. You know that your new Tires are going to prove to You that You are driving on 100% of Tire Meeting and Greeting the Road Surface. Oh, Happy Days!

What’s that hissing sound? Why is my Ride pulling to the right with a light grip on the steering wheel? Pullover to a safe zone, stop and get out and look around at what’s going on here. Going through your thought pattern – new Tires new Rims, Great wheel package can’t be an issue. What is in my Tire. What is sticking out of my Tire a nail, a screw, a screwdriver what is that! this can’t be happening. Oh, by the way where is your spare tire hiding? <===

Start breathing in and out slowly, think a moment when mind allows clarity. Yes, I have a flat Tire protection warranty. I also bought a roadside assistance coverage when I purchased my car insurance coverage package.

Okay, fine, then place the call and get your Ride towed or deck hauled back to your Tire Shop for an evaluation of occurrence. Warranty kick in coverage should apply.


Tire Repair Covered under Warranty, back on the road. Too late now to go and have my engine oil and filter replaced, tomorrow is another day, after all, it is the weekend and tomorrow is Sunday.

So up early get engine servicing done and head out for a nice enjoyable cruise in a day packed full of sunshine. Happy Motoring and keep those Wheels rolling down the road.

Now if for reasons that only two tires will be installed instead of all four, just saying that maybe the money side of things is a little tight, and we all run into this situation more times than not – this is me speaking out loud here.

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So now you have two new tires and two remaining mature experienced tires. Which tires then go where on your vehicle, to ensure the best safe ride and the best safety for your family.

When Installing Two New Tires Only on your Car – SUV -Truck.

Check Out This Video – You Will Be Glad You Did

Remember if You would like to comment or better yet, share your Tire or Rim story that may have caused You to be in an awkward or challenging type situation then for sure, put it here.

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