Review: Astro AI Digital Tire Inflator and Tire Pressure Gauge

AstroAl Tire Pressure and filler guage

PRODUCT NAME: Astro AI Digital Tire Inflator And Pressure Gauge

PRICE:  See Amazon FREE Shipping over $35.00

SIZE/ WEIGHT/COLOR: Size is (21x8x8.5 cm) Weight is (227g) Color is Black with Metallic Finish

AUDIENCE/WHO IS IT FOR: The Car- Truck- SUV vehicle-loving enthusiasts. For Both Male and Female Drivers who enjoy and Respect their Personal Rides.

PRODUCT OVERVIEW: The Astro AI Digital Tire Inflator and Tire Pressure Gauge are one of your must-have Tire Tools. It is a handheld Tire Tool that has a Great Grip handling feeling to it. It is easy to use, and Easy Digital readout is just what You need for those quick Tire Maintenance checks.

This two-in-one Digital Tire Tool is the answer to your Tire Pressure Consistency Program. It’s like Grab-Grip-Go. Tires 1-2-3-4 done. Checked Digital Reading, Inflated if necessary, and stem caps back on and ready for the road. I myself have not used this Model “Astro AI Digital” I have the earlier version “Analytical Gauge Model” with the same idea just not Digital.

2 Functions Pump and Test
Tools of the Trade

Do I like the older version of Tire Gauge? – Yes. Why don’t I have the new digital model so I can tell You how well it works? Well because my Analytical Tire Tool works just great after 6 years.

The old saying don’t Fix it if it’s not broken. I haven’t replaced it yet because still maintaining accurate air pressure readings.

The Astro AI Digital Gauge is lightweight and allows easy handling to Test Tire Pressures, as well as to Inflate or decrease Tire Pressures and its strong construction can handle dropping hand-to-ground combat. This was a (non-intentional) test that has happened far too often to me. Maybe I’m just not a good multitasker. I don’t know the answer yet.

Even though this Astro AI Digital Tire Gauge and Tire Inflation will deliver 250 (PSI) Pressure Per Square Inch. “CAUTION”, it may be best not to try that High Pressure on your conventional Car- Truck- or SUV Tires. Remember Here Exercise – “CAUTION” Most Automotive Tires will only need Air Pressures from low 30 PSI to High 65-70 PSI on average.

Maybe just Maybe if You have a Rock Quarry Super Heavy Duty Hauler that has 6- to 8-foot-tall Tires, then maybe one would use that Higher End PSI Rating. Remember to always check Tire Manufactures (PSI) Specifications for Your Tires.



Happy Man Face
Happy About This

| Lightweight and Durable in Weather conditions.

| Strong Metal Construction – Non-Rusting Frame Work.

| Folding of the black rubber reinforced hose to fit smaller spaces.

| Strong Battery Life. The digital display shuts off after 20 seconds of time-lapse if not in use.

| Accuracy within +or- 1%.

| Measurement Units of your choice PSI, KPA, BAR, Kgf/cm2.

| Display Type: Back-lit LCD – Good Size Number Quality.

| Comes with handy/dandy User Manuel.


Unhappy Man
I Still Like it-Only Minor Issues

| The black rubber pressure hose if forced or crushed into a right angle or 90-degree position could cause damage to the inner wall of the High-Pressure Hose. Only maybe if repeated many, many, many times!

| Battery Power could diminish after years of Continuous Use.

| Could Leak Air if one does not use the Special Thread Tape supplied in the Accessories Kit. Instruction in Kit.

| Don’t tap on Tire to get the LCD – Display to light up. Maybe tap lightly once, Stop breath in deeply, and Say “Batteries”.


Affiliate Disclosure – When You click links on this site and buy products, I may receive an affiliate commission through You will not pay more by buying when You click my links. When I suggest certain products, it is because my research or personal experience has shown that they may be helpful to You. Thank You for your support.

This Digital Tire Inflator with Tire Pressure Gauge has a “3” Year Warranty.

The Astro AI shows great Reviews for being the must-have, Digital Tire Tool to keep You Motoring Safely with the correct air pressure being introduced into you Tires of your Car – Truck – and SUV “AND” is also very air-friendly and adaptable on your Motorcycles and Bicycles Tires.

Remember to always have your eyes on your LCD Display Numbers for the correct Air Inflation for your Tires. Also, no big deal if a few PSI over what You want. Just Press the Quick Release Button and Good to Go.

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