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Have You ever used a torque wrench, have you tried the Epauto 1/2 drive click torque wrench? It’s a great fit to the user’s hand Girls and Guys. Torque your mountain bike faster, your all-terrain vehicle wheel nuts and all other fasteners and of course the wheel (lug nuts) on your favorite ride, Car-SUV-Truck.

Product Name: EPAuto 1/2 Drive Click Torque Wrench

Ratings: A good solid 4.5 out of 5

Price: Amazon Pricing


Owner: Supplier

The Product: EPAuto 1/2 inch Drive Click Torque Wrench


  • The Numbers Scale is Etched into the Chrome Finish of the Torque Wrench, Not Painted On.
  • One Year Warranty
  • Dual Range Readings Meaning Foot-Pounds and the Newton Meters Measurement Increments
  • Pick and Choose Between the 1/4″ – 3/8″ or the 1/2″ Drives from Small to Medium to the Large Torquing Needs.
  • Comes with Two Adapters for Convenience of Making the Torquing a Better Experience.  Affiliate Disclosure – I am an Affiliate of many products being promoted on and may receive a commission if you buy something. You will buy directly from the seller of the product I am promoting in my post.
  • The Tool Has a Good Feel to it When Being Held and When You are Powering up for Torquing.
  • The Torque Wrench Comes in a Very Nice Custom Fit Plastic Carrying Case to Protect While Not in Use.
  • Good Quality for the Price. The Product and the Price are Pretty Much a Match.


  • The Etched Numbers on the Chrome Barrel Section Maybe a Little Hard to Read Depending on the Light.
  • Maybe at Times the Click Sound of The Torque Wrench When Achieving the Lessor Desired Torque may be a lower Audible Sound as Compared to The Higher End Torquing Specs.
  • Will Not Handle Continue Dropping on to Cement Floors. Will Knock Calibration Out of Specifications.

Who Would Use This Product: Anyone That Values the Use of Great Tool that will instill Peace of Mind When Finished Tightening Those Very Important Nuts or Fasteners on Your Favorite Equipment and Vehicles. To Torque is to Trust. Once You, Start Using a Torque Wrench You Will Find That it Will Always Be out of its Protective Case.

Why Because You Will want to torque Everything that You Own, But Just Remember to be Cautious of the Power of an Incorrectly Dialed in-Torque Wrench-Bolts and Fasteners Will Break Leading one into a Much Bigger Repair Than Need Be. I Would Rather Not Have to Say OOPS! Because That Probably Means That I broke The Bolt or Stud. Always Check the Torque Specs for What You Are Working on. Happy Setting and Clicking to Your Desired Torque.

Click Style Torque Wrench
Set it – Click it

Will it Suit Your Torquing Needs: If You are well-adjusted to using a torque wrench, then You know the value of the tool. For those that maybe just getting acquainted to the torquing tool then You will start to understand the power and the feeling of its abilities to tighten – secure – and give You a peace of mind feeling when the job is done. You will not have to second guess yourself asking that haunting question, Did I Tighten it Enough or Not. With the torque wrench behind the job the answer is a full on yes.

Just remember to exercise caution when working with rusty or deteriorated looking bolts, studs, and fasteners of any kind. To torque to click is fine – To torque to snap is an Oh! No! The question to ask yourself – Is this to be torqued piece, clean and free of rust and damaged threads or is it kind of looking questionable to appearance dirty-rough coating-bent or twisted does the hair start to rise on the back of your neck. Then stop there, before making and rash decision to carry on.

Just Remember, to relax the torque wrench to a zero setting, say 0 lb to 8 lb of torque on the handle. This allows the spring tension to be in a more relaxed position – no stress area. This is to be done after you have completed all your torquing and are ready to put your tool back in its case till the next torquing event.

I Love a Good Story

If You have a story about using a torque wrench in a positive or negative event, please share it with me. Comments about this product are always welcome and open for discussion. Thanks for now… Doug

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