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I’m Thinking She Is Saying let us Find A Truck For This one

Yes, You Can work on your own Automatic Transmission Maintenance Program, provided You don’t mind the feel of a very light specialty lubricating oil that is designed to work with your vehicle’s automatic transmission. Keep in mind, that each car/truck manufacturer has their own design of blended fluids (oil) that they recommend to be used.

Gloves on, gloves off, which do you prefer when working on your car or truck? Gloves will give you protection against the elements in the fluid. It is not corrosive or anything of that nature, but I am sure (coconut oil) would be much more beneficial to your skin.

Let’s Talk About Some Automatic Transmission Problems That One May Encounter From Time To Time.

Some Most Common Automatic Transmission Problems

First – Fluid that’s leaking out of your Auto-Transmission, what comes to mind here, that can’t be from my vehicle, can it?

Pooling Transmission Fluid
ATF Under Vehicle. It’s A Leak

Second – Why is my Auto Transmission slipping while I am pressing down on the gas pedal I am hearing my engine revving up, but not moving very fast along. So maybe, that was fluid from my truck laying down there on the ground, pooling up in a circle of oil.

Third – On the electronic side, You may encounter a no-shift, a late shift, or a very firm shift. A note here of some factual information would be, that if You live with lots of wildlife around your area and the nights are on the cool side, then it’s very possible to have 4 legged visitors come and nest and snuggle around a warm engine for the evening snooze.

When hungry they (mice) love to nibble on the rubber coating of your electronic wires, usually where the computer for your vehicle lives tucked in a cozy out-of-the-way environment. Just saying things do happen and You won’t be the first to experience this event.

Fourth – Overheating of your transmission, Are You pulling an RV Travel trailer or a Work trailer, pull over when its safe to do so, don’t shut the engine off, put the transmission into park, and (rev up) increase the engine speed to about 1500 to 2000 RPM to help cool down the Auto Trans and the Engine temperature for a couple of minutes or even more, It will work, for You to do that I have had to do that on a number of occasions, and then get out and see if You can see anything visible that may be causing the overheat condition.

Fifth – You hear a noise like a metallic clicking sound, but not all the time. Could be when You are accelerating under power or letting off the gas deceleration or just when You are revving the engine up and down while the transmission is in park or neutral.

Car Being Rescued
Be Aware Of Noises Coming From Your Vehicle

I know You probably, won’t hear any noise except for the selected tunes coming out of your rides radio or CD players with those enhanced speakers by (BOSE) Yes Am talking from experience and yes it did cost me money by not hearing the warning signs of my Auto-Trans in distress, which then became my distress. This created a call to action for the brick-and-mortar Auto-Transmission Shop.

DO IT YOURSELF – Gloves On Gloves Off

  1. Engine running, Engine warmed up. Check (ATF) Automatic Transmission Fluid Is the transmission fluid on the full mark of the dipstick (measuring stick) YES, then you’re done here.

    Note here,
    the family of Chrysler and Dodge vehicles like their (ATF) fluids checked in Neutral, Not Park – Apply your Parking brake here! We all need to exercise safety when working around our vehicles


Automatic Transmission Dipstick
You Got It-Check Here
  • Do You need to add (ATF) Another NOTE here, each vehicle manufacturer has decided to have their own specified quality blended fluids? No need to go into great detail here.
  • Do You have a question for me like maybe, can I add another manufactures type of fluid to my Auto-Transmission if I am in a situation where I only have a liter/quart of another brand (ATF) YES You Can, then get that leak fixed just as soon as you can. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  • You found the leak! It’s the pan gasket between the main housing and the pan on the bottom of your transmission, that houses a minimum of 4-5 liters of (ATF). You can replace the pan gasket yourself. Here are some of the ingredients needed to do the job. FACT > Patience FACT > Pan Gasket Fact > Ratchet Wrench with an extension or deep socket that fits the head of the pan bolts. Fact > A scraper to remove the old gasket if it is stuck to the pan. Fact > a large pan to catch the fluid while the transmission pan is draining out the fluid. FACT > start removing the pan bolts from either the back of the pan or the side of the pan until (ATF) starts to drip out, then slowly start loosening more pan bolts to allow more fluid to drain out. Steady as she goes, slowly back out the remaining bolts, remember that word Patience that I brought up earlier. Put it into action and don’t hurry – it is an important ingredient in the mix. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  • Pan Down, fluid landed into the catch pan and your not wearing any stray splash of Trans Fluid, Yeah! It’s okay to let the fluid drip away for 5 minutes or so. Then carry on with removing the filter that lives inside there, another flow of fluid will be there to greet you. Gloves On > Gloves Off? Don’t even blink or cough or sneeze at this point in time, Just saying!  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  • Filter Down – New filter installed – New Pan Gasket installed. He or She you are doing great. Okay tighten up the pan bolts snugly, now would be a good time to bring out your torque wrench to secure the pan bolts, or if no torque wrench then give the pan bolts a good solid tightening, wrist action only and go around a couple of times and don’t forget to talk to those pan bolts, it all helps in the process. You could call it a part of the ingredients in the mix.
  • Affiliate Disclosure – I am an Affiliate of many products being promoted on and may receive a commission if you buy something. You will buy directly from the seller of the product I am promoting in my post. I thank you for your support >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Performance Hot Rod
No Need To Step On The Gas Peddle This hard (Racers Only)
  • Ready To Put (ATF) In now, You have bought the Specific Fluid that works in your vehicle before you started the job and that’s Awesome. Put in the recommended amount and startup-your the vehicle, run it through all the gears then, check the fluid in either Park or Neutral. The needed information will be inscribed on the Dipstick. Check underneath your vehicle and if there is no visible fresh fluid down there, then You are now done. Congratulations, go for a drive and get a coffee.

If You find an interest in the Hot Rod Family of Cars and Trucks, then feel free to venture over here and take a view at these beauties.

If You have a comment, or a good story You would like to share with me about one of your experiences with Doing It Yourself, I would be a good listener and responder… Thanks for now… Douglas

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My Mission Statement: Here to help Males, Females the Young, and the Inspiring Aging who are interested In Do It Yourself (DIY). How to Repair (Fix) your rides aliments while enjoying the fulfillment of (DIY) pride.

I have just one last thought to leave with You, should You decide to do your own Trans-Work, have a look at the video here, Compliments of YouTube.

The video below will show You and reinforce the correct way on How To Change Automatic Transmission Fluid and also to fill in what I may not have suggested You to do.

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