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You love your pet and with Ramp Steps For Dogs you will be doing it right, so there will be no risk of having one’s dog injure him or herself

With the deluxe telescoping Pet Ramp weighing in at 13 pounds one will not create soreness in one’s back as compared to lifting let us say your 55-pound loving pet up and down from your SUV or Pickup truck.

This Dog Ramp

has a weight-bearing load of 400 pounds, now that would be one big, huge, gigantic pet. Here we have two buddies hanging around waiting for their new Dog ramp to show up, I’m assuming they have places to go and explore.

The Ramp proves

itself to be a very good working Telescoping Pet Ramp that stretches to an awesome length of 72 inches to accommodate the slower up-and-down climb in and outs of your vehicle. Then being able to decrease the telescoping action down to the short version of 39 inches.

A Tip Here

is when you get your Pet Ramp first off, lay it down on the ground fully extended in the 72-inch stretched-out position. Have your dog walk back and forth on it to get the feel of the surface of the ramp.

The walking width will be about 16 inches wide and get used to the gripping action of the surface treading area. A treat for buddy may be needed here not for a bribe but for doing an exercise well done.

After getting your pet comfortable with the gripping finish on the 16-inch wide ramp and a few more treats as needed, position the Pet Ramp making sure you have it nice and stable for entry into your vehicle.

With a collar and leash on guide your dog up and in, then turn around for the descent to the ground. Another treat and a few more passes on the ramp should be good to go. Eventually repeating this maneuver will conquer the confidence of the ramp walk.

Material Used

This Pet ramp made to be used with your SUV or Pickup Truck is made of almost all-aluminum construction. You will find that the rigidness of the ramp and the non-slip walking or tracking area give the confidence one looks for when your dog is on the ascend or descend action on the ramp.

The aluminum ramp has supreme strength and being lightweight allows for easy handling on the setup and take-down.

Also, the four rubber pads or feet keep the pet ramp from shifting out of position on those quick in and out moments as your pet is in excitement mode to get going to the dog park or to explore some new trails.

Other User Locations

found in your home to use the incline ramp to make the climb easier for Buddy to get up on the bed or couch or his/her favorite recliner, remember here I am talking about your pet not necessarily about humans. although it sounds quite related, aren’t our pet’s family members as well?

Remember it’s lightweight and telescoping to fit into many applications, another thought is going to the veterinary clinic or the dog groomer for clipping and trimming appointments.

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You may think of many more areas to be used. Using the ramping tool to cover all the areas of need for your dog will >>>help relieve the stress on their joints<<< from having to jump up and down to inclined walk to and fro.

The short version of the dog ramp is 39 inches in the collapsed mode and the full extension of the telescoping length will cover a 72-inch span. This is a working ramp tool that accommodates the height of SUVs and Pickup Trucks.

The telescoping ramp and lightweight is very versatile wherever you may end up traveling with your loving pet.

Caring For the Dog Ramp

is easy, cleaning your ramp accumulated from those muddy trails or ocean beaches is a mild soap, soft brush, and hose away for a nice clean ramp, ready for the next adventure.

You may find that after a day of fun in the creek water and muddy shores leading in and out of the pristine water or the saltwater and sandy shores of the ocean beach and maybe a few sea urchins attached to Dog Buddy >>> maybe not a bad idea to look in here <<<

After drying and collapsing the telescoping ramp, setting the safety latch then load into the back of the Suv’s cargo area or back seat and you’re done. If you are a Pickup Truck owner then there is lots of room in your truck bed cargo area.

Just keep in mind that the Doggies Pet Ramp may not be instantly friendly to your pet but with patience and the odd treat or many treats the connection between your pet and the ramp will form a trusting bond.


Not all dogs will adjust as quickly as others to the incline of the ramp, but with Patience and Perseverance and the odd Doggies treat or more the trust between the ramp and your dog will develop.

The important side of working with your pet or pets is to give them the ease of getting them in and out of your vehicle in a way to lessen joint pain that is already present and to prevent premature joint and arthritic pain from developing early from jarring their joints needlessly.

As our dogs get older just like we do, we all need to find out what works for us to eliminate pain from over-stressing our joints. Ramping up and ramping down surely is less stress on joint pain and muscle overexertion which comes with the always moving forward, aging process of life

I Love a Good Story

If you have any thoughts on ramping your pets up, I would like to hear from you. Just leave me a word or two and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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