Doggie World Rear Seat Cover – Review

Introduction of Product

Do you have a small dog a big dog or many dogs if you do then this Doggie World Rear Seat Cover may be just what you need to keep your dog or dogs safe in the back seat while you are driving your precious cargo around with you.

This rear seat cover will protect your Buddy Dog in featured ways, such as a non-slip undercoating that grip to the top of your existing seat as your dog jumps up into the rear seat or is just repositioning itself to find that sweet spot.

The material used to build the Doggie World Rear Seat Cover is an awesome made waterproof, Snow proof, mud proof you get the picture now it’s great constructed material. Your dog’s toenails are invited to test the quality of the top layer of protection for your dog and your rear seat as well.

The cozy comfortable resting zone of the quilted inner material used for padding. Beware, your dog may wish to take a long nap more often while being transported.

A few safety features to mention here are the Hammock Style rear cover attaches to the front seat headrests and to the back seat headrests with adjustable strapping. Along with tuck-in anchoring and hooks ups to the seat belt mechanism if you feel you would like to even further secure your buddy pet.

After a day out on the trail or down by the beach playing in the ocean water and sand, even romping through those off-trail creeks buddy may be quite a messy hairball-looking site. That’s okay because when you get him or her home and let’s say the cover is pretty much dry, then a brush out and vacuum will do it.

If the cover is a wet muddy hairy mess, then remove the cover it only takes less than a minute to install, or remove the rear seat cover shake it out and then head to the washing machine.

There one will use the light wash cycle and mild detergent, when done washing hang outside to dry, then start planning your next outing.

Remember too that the rear seat cover is for the safety and well-being of your pet, but also gives you the confidence and assurance your buddy pet is good in the back seat sitting or lying on the World Doggies rear seat cover

Product Name:

World Doggie Dog Rear Seat Cover

Ratings: 4.5 one of Amazon’s Choices

Price: Check out for Standard Size-54 inch by 58 inch


Owner: Operator


  • The top cover is made of heavy gauge material designed to handle your dog’s toenail actions
  • Non-slip under-cover grid system.
  • The top layer is water-resistant to snow, mud, and doggie accidents.
  • Inside cover a layer of quilt-like material for lounging in comfort.
  • Adjustable strapping system to attach to headrests.
  • More safety includes attachments to seat belt mechanisms if so desired to keep doggy buddy still.
  • Installs and removes in less than a minute or two, but this no race here.
  • Machine washable If and when the cover needs freshening up, then hang it outside to dry, your done


  • Only comes in black and that’s probably not a mood-changer.
  • There are two sizes, so make sure you measure backseat length, getting it right the first time pays off.
  • May cause your Doggies Buddies to want to spend more relaxation time in your vehicle.
  • That’s it for now if I hear of anything else I will post it.

What is it for:

To provide both owner and pet, Safety, Confidence, and Peace of Mind as you both are out on the road traveling to your favorite recreational areas or just around town getting his/her special doggie chow.

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Who Would Use This Product:

Anyone who owns a car, SUV, or truck and loves dogs and would like to have your pet with you as much as possible. Spending time at home with your pet just doesn’t seem to be enough quality time.

How it Helps People:

The relationship between owners and their pets (their four-legged kids) has huge bonding quality and is a very healing and therapeutic relationship. The more time spent together increases the friendship and love between each other.

Why I recommend it:

I as a caring person, and my wife the ultimate love for dogs, found ourselves in a situation where having our own loving Springer Spaniel we encountered both of our daughter’s dogs. Well back 20 years or so ago we used blankets and old sleeping bags to make them comfortable in the rear seat of our SUV.

And of course, we could not transport all three at the same time, oh no that didn’t work at all. Why do some dogs in an enclosed area like to claim the whole back seat as their own personal domain?

We found out when the 80-pound Malamute Cross and the 55-pound Shire Terrier were trying to claim the same lounging sweet spot on the old sleeping bag, did not work, and did not ever want to do that again.

Did not have a rear seat cover at that time, it would not have worked for this isolated event anyway. We sure found out what not to do with the dog combination of breeds we now had to look after, this was not in our plans for dog rearing.

Affiliate Disclosure – I am an Affiliate of many products being promoted on and may receive a commission if you buy something. You will buy directly from the seller of the product I am promoting in my post.


Loving your pet as you do and having a Doggies World Dog Rear Seat Cover in your vehicle. Will satisfy your pet’s needs and your needs while both of you are out and about.

Whether doing normal things like errands or on a dog food run or high tailing it out into the more secluded dog walking and human walking trails. The bottom line here is the safety factor and the confidence to go anywhere the road leads you and your best doggy buddy.

I Love a Good Story

If you would like to leave a comment or have a story to tell about your favorite pet, then please Bark it out here.

Thanks for now….Doug

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