Launch OBD2 Code Reader/Scan Tool CR529 – Review

Introduction of Product:

Is that [Service Engine Soon] light staring at you from your dash console? If you plug in the Launch OBD2 Code Reader/Scan Tool CR529 you can retrieve the trouble code – Find the fix for the numbered code through the menu button, then clear the fixed code out of the system. Back to happy motoring down the road again.

You can do this, and many more features come with this continuously updated handheld diagnostic tool, easy to operate and carry onboard anywhere you go. Once you learn the operation of the tool you can do your own self-diagnostics and troubleshooting features along with helping and supporting your friends as well.

Its black rugged exterior casing surrounds and protects the outstanding interior electronics, actuators, and software that allow the code reader to function and display vivid colors of the menu icons, which all play their role in the plug-and-play Code Reader.

Launch Code ReaderOBD2-CR529
Plug and Play Your Way To The Fix

This automotive Launch OBD2 Code Reader/Scan tool CR529 enjoys working with Domestic, Asian, and European vehicles from the year of introduction of computer-controlled vehicles (1996) to current years and beyond with upload data capabilities and ongoing support.

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Product Overview:

This product is designed to be used for entry-level DIY users to plug and play and perform fast and accurate diagnostics. It’s a take where ever you go tool that gets you to the heart of the Service Engine Light on an issue that never blinks at you in the stair down until the fix is made and then clears that code from the system. Voila, the red light is gone, the green is to go and drive with peace of mind.

Engine Light Icons That Appear on Your
Is One Of These Icons Lite Up On Your Dash


  • Black and rugged-looking made for rough use conditions
  • a great vivid color menu screen
  • No battery is required, it powers up off vehicle when plugged in
  • Automatically when plugged into your vehicle searches and brings up your vehicle “VIN” number
  • Easily find the code error problem, then a list of good probably fixes to remedy your vehicle’s malfunction
  • You can pick the language of choice (English-French-Spanish- Portuguese-Japanese-Russian)
  • Supports Domestic, Asian, and European-built cars and trucks – Starting in 1996 and on
  • Playback data and printing and graphs can be viewed on this code reader/scan tool
  • supplied USB cable to interface with a laptop for the bigger picture of data viewing and recording
  • The launch code reader is a lightweight, handheld, portable diagnostic tool that goes anywhere with you
  • Continuous update coverage on newly built vehicles and a great support team to help.
  • This diagnostic tool is designed to be used by males and females who have a great love for their vehicle


  • Comes only in rugged black, sorry lady’s no other colors at this point
  • The location of OBD2 under-dash connector may be slightly inconvenient to plug into, in its protected concealed area

What is it For:

The Code Reader/Scan Tool CR529 function is to seek out the reason why the “Engine Service Light or equivalent light dash icon is staring at you and won’t go away. Once plugged into your vehicle the software will go to work and track down the source of the problem using a code number that will then identify your malfunctioning solenoid actuator or sensor fault.

Launch OBD2 - All In One
Catch It – Fix It – Clear It

A list of good probably fixes will be presented to you, allowing you to check out these culprit areas of concern. From a simple loose terminal connection to the sensor, or a mouse that has enjoyed a meal of the rubber coating from the wire leading to a sensor to an inoperative functioning sensor or solenoid.

Sorry about the mouse thing, but I have experienced this one. If this happens to you remember rubber gloves for protection against mouse dropping. This does not happen very often so do not be alarmed.

This is an easy ride along with your diagnostic tool taking up little room but supplying you big results when needed to perform.

Plug and play your way to finding your electronic malfunction by code definition, fixing the culprit problem then when fixed clearing the repaired code from the computer’s memory bank of faults.

Who Would Use This Product:

This product can be used by a professional technician but is really designed for enabling entry-level (DIY) users to plug and play to perform fast and accurate diagnostics on their own Engine Light concerns.

This product is a coed tool so both males and females can have the opportunity to diagnose and fix their own vehicle concerns and those vehicles driven by their friends.

How it Helps People:

Certainly, the major factor would be to be able to diagnose your own wonderful loving vehicle “Engine Light On” concerns to avoid the repair shop diagnosis and repair expenses.

Sure, not all fixes may or may not be within your power to repair, but the understanding of what one’s problem maybe is has been captured and recorded on your CR529 Code reader handheld diagnostic tool.

Great reliable launch code reader
Catch Those Glitches On Screen

Why I Recommend It:

It’s a Diagnostic tool that can put money back into your pocket rather than a repair shop’s pocket. This tool is easy to use with the plug-and-play features we are all used to these days. It’s lightweight for easy handling and a nice easy-to-read menu for guidance and instruction.

Affiliate Disclosure I am an Affiliate of many products being promoted on and may receive a commission if you buy something. You will buy directly from the seller of the product I am promoting in my post.

I myself have found my new cell phone to be much more in-depth to understand than working with the Code Reader. If you like working with electronics and solving technical issues, then this product is for you I


Not everyone likes to work with electronic devices and at times get their hands dirty working on repairing the fixes needed and this applies to any situation automotive or otherwise. The choice is up to one’s self to learn about, to save money, and to feel good about one’s achievements and that means in all areas of one’s endeavors. For more information check here

Just putting the word out there if you would like to comment or give me a story of your experience with Code Readers or Scan tools feel free to share your tips or you’re electrifying experiences.

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Thanks, for now, Doug

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