OBD 2 Code Reader – Read it, Fix It, Clear It

Product Description:

This OBD 2 or II Code Reader is a plugin and play, push button to read codes, how to fix codes and to clear codes, a handheld automotive tool that anyone can use for your Car, SUV, or Truck maintenance troubleshooter issues.

Want to pass the emission test and be hassle-free of repair shop diagnosis charges, then plug and play to the answer your check engine light Code Reader is holding the information you are looking for. Yes, that orange/yellow light that looks like an engine icon on your dash instrument console that just glares away at you, is a driving distraction for sure.

The black outer protective shielding encasing the menu screen is of superior quality. The menu screen is an easy-to-select screen display of choice. One will find that holding the tools, gives the feeling of rugged outside construction for rough handling which protects the superior internal electronic actuators.

Launch Code ReaderOBD2-CR529
Plug and Play Your Way To The Fix

When you go to plug into your OBD 2 connector under your dash console, the factory location on the lower left side is just about in line with your left knee, just in case you cannot locate the area one may have to get out of your vehicle and bend a knee to look under your dash console for the OBD 2 connector.

It’s put there to be out of harm’s way and no you will not be bumping your knee into the factory-installed connector. I have seen people who are double-jointed, or flex-jointed perform almost impossible positions if you are so inclined to be such one.

The strength lies within the outer construction or (outer body) casing rigid and of high-quality material. The inner electronics interface development produces vivid graphics on display at the push of a button. Lastly, the OBD cord that runs from the OBD 2 Reader to the factory OBD 2 connector, yes under the left side of the dash is very flexible and strong enough to handle very rough usage and no not to be used as a lasso as in cowboy talk.

Viewing the reader one will see the strong vivid colors of the three main light color components, Red – Yellow – Green LED. These colored lights when displaying themselves indicate the status of your vehicle’s coding system.

  • Red indicates a (Hard Code Issue) usually indicated by the “Yellow Engine Light” staring at you from your dashboard console usually on the left side at an area of eye-level approach to catching your attention to certainly do something to have this issue corrected. Just remember that is the job of this little annoying light is to alert you, we have a problem here, which, usually means an emission problem that needs to be corrected to have a clean, non-polluting running engine.

  • Yellow indicates a (Soft Code) usually indicating a possible issue is up and coming, that can be cleared using the Code readers function to clear the intermittent code. That may or may not come back and rear its head, sometime this code clearing will gain stability in the system, or the engine service light may come back in a week or two. If this issue continues to come back, you at least will know by the Code Readers’ definition of the code and possible fixes to the problem.

  • Green Indicates a clean no-issue condition of good engine health or other related components of the vehicle. Nothing needs to be done or looked at here, The Green Led indicates no action needs to be taken, and green is good to go.
Engine Light Icons That Appear on Your
Is One Of These Icons Lite Up On Your Dash

Summary Of Led Colors

  • Red means that (Hard Codes) will be stored within the Code Reader for you to retrieve the Code number and the potential fix to the problem to correct and clear the Code from the system. Yes of course then that annoying Service Engine Light will be gone and not staring at you as you drive.

  • Yellow means that (Soft Codes) May or may not be stored within the Code Readers Memory. If no code or yes, a code appears then go to Clear Codes Section and follow code clearing instructions. If the code returns, then list the code and retrieve the code number for future reference and go to the list of possible fixes to this issue.

  • Green means that you’re operating systems of your vehicle are all operating properly within all the manufactures guidelines as set per as instructed by the vehicle’s logic computerized system which is constantly reviewing the operating system of all sensors and actuators and making sure they are performing as per instructed by the main brain (computer). Just to plug and play your Code Reader – if no Engine Service Light is staring at you from the dash area, then your Code Reader will entertain you with either a flashing green or solid green led light and that is good. Happy Motoring here.

More Great Features to give you more peace of mind driving confidence knowing that your Code reader is with you to diagnose the issue of that dash engine light trying to stare you down.

  • No battery is required, just plug-and-play features, powered up by the under-dash OBD 2 manufactures Connector.

  • Pick your language of choice (English)-(French)-(Spanish)-(Japanese)-(Russian)-(Portuguese) or (Russian)

  • Diagnosis interfaces with the first year of introduction of computer-controlled systems 1996 to the current year and beyond with updating continuous information.

  • Automatically searches your vehicle’s (VIN) Vehicle Identification Number. This process is possible by a software product by AutoVIN.

  • Data playback and printing features to capture live data on your Code Reader screen can be viewed on your laptop for a bigger picture of live data and graphs to track issues on screen. Note when I ran my own business in the Automotive field, I enjoyed the reaction I got to see the expression on people’s faces as I gave them a live-streaming view this is of the actual problem taking place while driving their vehicle with them on board.

    For the ones that were really connected to their vehicle, this is their lifeline to everywhere, this was rewarding to the customer and me. For those that came to me and said just fix it, they would be presented with a printout copy of their own to where their vehicles’ problem was originating from, a discussion first with them, then the fix to follow. Sorry, here I am slipping back in time to my business days which I loved especially when computer-controlled devices were incorporated into the Automotive Field. Oops, there I go again.
Launch OBD2 - All In One
Catch It – Fix It – Clear It

And A Few More Great Features

  • Like easily determining the cause of the illuminated check engine light – Staring directly at you.

  • The help button gives you the path to follow to accurate repair information – more directly to the fix. With reading codes and erasing codes done easily.

  • Supports Domestic, Asian, and European-built vehicles’ offers great information and dedicates itself (Launch) to powerful technology followed by user-friendly operation and great service.

  • The Launch Code Reader is a portable and affordable OBD 2 diagnostic tool, that can fill the needs of professionals or like most enable entry-level DIY users to plug and play to perform fast and accurate diagnostics.

  • When to upgrade Launch is when you are encountering any problems and updates are available. Just remember the tool comes already loaded with the software and is ready to go. Again, just plug in and play, it’s that easy.

In Conclusion:

This all-around great Code Reader (Launch) product takes on the task of checking Sensors, Actuators, and Solenoids on the various aspects of the engine, braking system, air conditioning, catalyst monitoring, and many more areas. Needed guidance would be found in the Help Menu section of the Code Reader.

Affiliate Disclosure – I am an Affiliate of many products being promoted on Amazon.com and may receive a commission if you buy something. You will buy directly from the seller of the product I am promoting in my post.

It is a great little handheld tool (Buddy) for either Him or Her to pack on the road with you. It doesn’t take up much room and packing the small Code Reader with you will pay back with peace of mind driving, helping yourself, or helping others in need to diagnose why that yellow engine light is staring at you.

Just thinking here that if you care to leave a comment or a story on how a diagnostic tool has helped you or a friend out then let me hear your story.

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