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It is usually a little black fob that locks and unlocks your vehicle door, along with the button that expresses itself (push me to find my car) somewhere out there in a huge parking lot with all those other vehicles is my car hiding behind a big truck that wasn’t there before.

When the car and truck remotes are working the way it is designed to work then all is good but a remote of intermittent function is a pain. Is your car – Truck remote giving you a hard time? When the, click on your remote does just that without a response of any kind then it’s time to check it out.

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Product Description:Manufature Remotes foe Car and Trucks

Are you looking for a replacement car remote? If you are fed up with the traditional auto key, you should take advantage of our offer. You can purchase brand new or used, original manufacturer keyless entry remotes at discount prices.

We offer a wide variety of replacement OEM key fobs and keys at a fraction of a dealer’s price.

So, you don’t have to be concerned about paying an arm and a leg at your dealership if you lose your smart keys or fobs. Simply get your new replacement key from us and save big on your order.


  • The remotes are original manufacturers’ remotes
  • A lot less priced than the dealer prices
  • Can customize outer cover colors for him or her remote
  • Great warranty coverage
  • Instructions along with your new remote to get you up and clicking
  • Fast shipping
  • Great support team to help with questions needing the right quick answers
  • Many colors to choose from on the silicone protector covers


  • Maybe on occasion, a weak battery may present itself, that’s the only thing I could think about

Why Should You Choose Us:Buy Remotes For less

For plenty of reasons, they have been in business since 2003, and all they do is car keys and car remote transmitters. We know our business and have customer service reps ready to help and great online reviews.

But most importantly they offer the same OEM factory remotes as your local dealer, at low prices.

On Car and Truck Remote website, you’ll find a selection of wireless key fobs and factory alarms for almost all car models. No minimum order. They specialize in sales of Original keyless remotes and smart keys.

They have been in business since 2003 serving automotive locksmiths, car dealerships, car rental locations, and retail, customers.

Who Would Use This Product:

Anyone who uses a remote or fob to lock or unlock your car or truck door and also to find your car somewhere out in that shopping mall parking lot.

Your vehicle was probably easy to spot way out there before hundreds of other cars and trucks started parking around in front and behind your ride and if your car is low enough, you may not be able to see it at all. That’s why one needs a remote that works accurately on the first click of a button.

Thanks to the Author: Jameso86 –  for the above  Free Information supplied.

How it Helps People:

How about that button sometimes red sometimes another color depending on the manufacturers, that helps you find your vehicle when you go into the mall while talking on your phone?

You go shopping here and there 3 or 4 stores later and a few more talks on the cell phone, then out you go to your car or truck.

Now if you did come out the right exit that speaks for itself that you have a good sense of direction.

Okay, you cannot see the truck or car, let’s push that button I was talking about earlier, you push then you hear your horn beeping that’s great this leads you to your vehicle. Okay, you found it now to shut the horn off, and guess what it still keeps honking, yes after fiddling with the remote.

This is a good indicator that you certainly need a new remote and where else other than Car and Truck Remotes.

Conclusion:Ratings Shopper Approved

I have not used this company Car and Truck Remotes, because my truck door lock and the open device have always been good at performing their duty.

Until the other day when I was working around my truck which is a 2004 Chevy Avalanche, I bent over and squatted down to have a close look at my tire wear.

Now this was before I opened the truck doors with my remote, well when the horn sounds off close to one’s head it is a little unnerving and what tends to raise the anxiety level is when pressing the stopped horn sounds button on the remote and the horn still continues to blare.

Finally, after many many attempts at pushing on the remote button and every time a little harder well finally it was quiet all except for the ringing in my ears. Well now the flag has been raised, I am a candidate for a new remote and the battery did check out to be good.

I have been researching this company Car and Truck Remotes, not really thinking I would need a new remote. After checking the Chevy dealer price for a new remote I soon realized that the dealer price was very high, as compared to Car and Truck Remotes.

Right now, my remote is back to working as it should, but do I chance to ignore the fact that it failed once on me, or do I wait until it proves to fault again? This is my dilemma, not yours, I will decide soon here. 🙂 

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