Tires For Your Ride

tires-car-suv-trucksGET ROLLING:

Tires get you on the move to places like: Work,  School,  Shopping,  Vacations,  Camping Destinations  and Remote Adventures. From your driveway to where ever you want to take yourself and your family members.

What Are You Driving:

A Car, Suv,or Truck or a Tractor it don’t matter they all need Tires,  that will take You to  places that walking can’t. Example if You like hiking and your using your vehicle to get You to point “A” say the bottom of the trail which may be a challenging  road to travel before You get to your start position “A”. This is where a good set of 4 tires that match your vehicles application for your safety and performance needs play in. Then once your safely at Point “A” you can  hike your way to point “B” yahoo!

Why Good Tires:tires-car-suv-trucks

Think about it, good quality matched to your vehicle tires keep You grounded to the road surface. Your  tires are the connection between go and no go, safe and not safe. Your engine -transmission-and rear end are needed for the forward and rearward motion of the vehicle, your tires are there to complete the direction of motion required,  or selected by the driver, movement happens when rubber meets road surface. So once again a strong grounding connection to the road surface is through the proper tire application to your vehicle.


When an engine / transmission/ differential fails that is a forced to take action situation and Ya that is going to remove funds from your wallet that, was probably going to be spent on something else right!  Tires on the other hand for car, suv, truck etc… , allows one to,  here it comes “procrastinate”  the decision on buying those new tires that will possible put You and your family members into a less than safe road traveling  situation.

Now because we have delayed purchasing those new tires that will match your vehicle and  personal preference needs, and because no flat tires, no sliding tires, stopping seems to be okay,  quick but not to quick accelerations seems okay, why because the weather is mild with sun shines, the roads are clear and dry, driving conditions are just fine-“Right”


Just remembering back in my younger years and maybe in your youthfulness time,  it possibly was not all about safety, maybe more on the stylish trendy side of tire dressing appearances. I can remember way back,  when I was pulled over by the local police cruiser and he wanted to talk to me about my tires. this is what he said to me so I could understand him totally, he said to me, nice tires, looks like I spent a lot of time cleaning the raised white lettering, polishing my chrome rims and applying the black tire dressing, then he says to me that the tires still look new from the side appearance, but I am suppose to have some indication of thread on the part of the tire that actually contacts the road surface.

So there you go, not only procrastination on my part but a costly$ ticket that would have gone partially towards the payment  of new tires for my ride, and don’t forget the most important factor “safety” for yourself, family and all those other people out on the road the same time You are.

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