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Introduction of Product:

Looking for a product to make traveling with your favorite pet or pet’s just a little bit less stressful when loading and unloading your precious four-legged cargo, then this may well be the helper you are indeed looking for. The deluxe telescoping pet ramp is your carry along as you go to all your destination areas having your pet riding with you. Stopping to get in and out of the vehicle is then no problem for your Doggy (Buddy).

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Product Overview: – Description

We as pet owners are not going to risk any injury to our loving four-legged pets. By using the Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp, thus allowing access not only to your vehicle of choice but one can use this great Ramping tool inside your home as well, just be creative.

The pet ramp is made of strong sturdy aluminum that can support 400 pounds – have you got a couple of 200-pound dogs for a test drive. Even though it can handle a lot of weight and no bounce, the Telescoping Pet Ramp is a lightweight carry at 13 lbs easily carried in one hand and utilizing a good to grip and go handle.

Whether You and Buddy are just preparing to go out for an errand run or Dog park run the deluxe telescoping pet ramp will cover the short ramp length of 39 inches to the full extended version of 72 inches with a track width of 17 inches. Upload or download your pet to the places you both like to seek and to enjoy playtime at.

Used For Safely Ramping Your Pet Up And Down From Your Vehicle
Ramping For Your Pet Made Easy


  • Big Dog Ramp – Up to 400 lbs – that’s a lot of Dog
  • Non-Slip Walkway Ramp
  • Built With Quality in Mind – Rigid and Sturdy – No Bounce
  • This ramp is Super Light Weighing in at 13 lbs
  • This Ramp Will Telescope Out From 39 to 72 inches – Full Length
  • 4 non-Slip rubber Pads – Located Front and Rear
  • Washable With Soap – Water – Then Hose Down – You’re Done
  • Comes With Handle for Easy one arm Carry and Handling
  • No Oxidation to Aluminum – means no rust to the Aluminum


  • May Have To get Your Dog Familiar with the Ramp Before Setting it up on the Vehicle
  • Some May find it to Narrow for some Dogs?
  • May have to carry extra Doggies treats, at start of ramp training – just thinking out loud here

What is it For:

To Assist Dogs in the descend and ascend to and From Your Vehicle
Not Feeling Any Joint Stress Here


This telescoping dog ramp is to make the pet’s life easier for the ascent into the back of your SUV or your Truck. And when on the descend or exiting the vehicle. Keeping in mind that when our pets are happy and comfortable, then we as pet owners can share the emotion. Those great spots to take your pets to now will become much easier of a task for loading and unloading your precious four-legged cargo in a safe and convenient controlled manner.

Who Would Use This Product:

This product is designed for all 4-legged pets. I am thinking the elderly in humans and the elderly in a pet’s suffering from arthritis and any other forms of joint and muscle issues. Yes, good days and the other days of where that pain just came from, as you reached over to do a lift and heave getting your pet into your vehicle without the pet ramp. Those painful moments will not exist if you are using the Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp as the workhorse not your back as the power-lifting crane.

How it Helps People:

The benefit here would be to help the owners of the larger breed dogs when one needs to assist on the lifting or exiting of the vehicle – OH! what was that popping sound – Not my back again? The human back is not designed for leveraging extending and lifting heavy objects at also unnaturally twisted angles, this where one can and will here and will feel the action on your body of over excretion. But guess what by then it’s too late to back up the train! – damage has occurred. Pain, Soreness, Stiffness and that plaguing question – why did I do that? Ramping may just be the answer to avoid pain and downtime with your pet’s.

Why I Recommend It:

As we all have to confront the forward-moving times and leaving those younger – tackle anything days behind, we all need some ways to make what we do a little easier. Meaning demanding less stress on our joints and muscles (wherever those muscles have gone) When it’s easier for us, then it will be easier for our pet’s. Ramping your way to a no stress and pain-free experience is a feel-good feeling at the end of the day.

To Allow Your Pet To Get in And Out of Your Vehicle Safely
We’re Not Done Are We?


Your Dog (family member) and you do usually spend a lot of time together and that usually means having him or her out in your Car – SUV or Truck with you. Whether going to the store across town or out on the open road to wherever.

Affiliate Disclosure – I am an Affiliate of many products being promoted on and may receive a commission if you buy something. You will buy directly from the seller of the product I am promoting in my post.

The telescoping ramp is a great product that protects You and the well-being of your Pet or Pets during those in and out of the vehicle moments. Saving the stress on your joints along with controlling the over-extension of muscle and joint pain to your pet’s. Finding that way that tool to make life easier on both is now available to You – Enjoy. Check Out The Video Also

If you have any thoughts you would like to share on this subject of ramping your pet up and down, feel free to bark out a comment or a question. I will get back and respond as soon as I can.

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