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Torquing car wheel nuts
Dial It In And Click It

This automotive torque wrench works great in the hands of a Girl or a Guy. Just grab the torque wrench set the torque ft/lb and then pull or push to feel the click and hear click and now its been tightened. You can pack it with You for those unexpected situations while out on the road or to help out a friend or someone in need. Make a new friend, it’s just as simple as helping out. Some torquing of critical areas are now in your control to generate Safety and Peace of Mind for yourself and for others.

Importance of a Torque Wrench

A very handy tool that allows you to tighten important things like the wheel nuts on your vehicle whether a Car, SUV, Truck or your Mountain Bike. Once you know the proper torque specifications to your application, then go ahead and torque away. The cool thing is that you will not have to worry about the nuts, bolts or fasteners being too loose or over tightened.

What kinds of Torque Wrench

There are basically 2 kinds (models) of Torque Wrenches that would fit your needs in the automotive world and beyond. They both come in the 3/8 or 1/2 inch drive ends to fit your torquing needs.

First Model Torque Wrench

  • Beam style torque wrench is accurate to use, you just need to watch the calibrated dial in precise torque setting on the face of the torque wrench while tightening.
  • Easy to read scale is calibrated to work in both directions for right and left-hand fastener orientation one does not see it much anymore as in the left-hand tightening action. Either direction the accurate durable all steel powerful constructed tool measures from a “0” reading to “150” foot/pounds of torque.

Second Model Torque Wrench

Lets Get Torquing
  • Click torque wrench allows you to feel and hear when the torque wrench has tightened the fastener to the setting, that one has chosen for your application on bolts, nuts, screws and everything in between.
  • Again this click style tool boosts either direction tightening (torquing) and its dial reads up to “150” foot/pounds of torquing power.
  • Probably the easiest of the two torque devices to work with, because you don’t have to look at the face of the measuring torque scale as with the beam style torque wrench.
  • Its calibrated to accuracy so you know what ever you are going to torque its done right. All you have to do is set your torquing value and push down or pull up till you hear and feel the click which tells you that the desired torque has been reached. If you are into high quality steel and chrome this has got it. I use this click style torque wrench, its great.

How Do You Benefit using a Torque Wrench

If You want accuracy in tightening your nuts and bolts and fastener including for peace of mind’s sake, then torque it. My personal reason for using torque wrenches was because for 38 years I owned and operated my own automotive shop. Yup that’s going to work brick and mortar hands on and let’s get dirty.

The area of choice for myself in the automotive arena, was diagnosis and rebuilding automatic transmissions. I totally worked with and used may variations of torque wrenches. From small but very accurate inch/pound torque wrenches for my very delicate torquing needs to out in the shop where the big boy torquing tools where needed.

All these torquing devices were of the click style model torque wrench, as previous mentioned early, I am more partial to this type of torque wrench. Although the beam style readable numbered face torque wrench did take up residence on the wall with the digital click torquers, you know …just in case.

Can a torque wrench be beneficial to the automotive/home repair Guy or Girl, I got to say yes to my own question. That old saying don’t fix it till it’s broken, I could also say don’t break it, just dial it in and torque it. 

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Can Anyone Use This Tool

This torque wrench is gender friendly and basically no age restrictions, well maybe under 3 years of age and over 100 years could be only a strength and joint concern in the soft tissue muscle area ? So basically it goes like this with the click style torque wrench, one finds out the proper torque specifications, dial in your numbers, attach to torquing component, put your shoulder into it or pull up and wait for the feel and the click sound to inform you, the desired torque has been achieved.

Just to Finish up Here

Just to let you know I am a torquer, just in case that got by you somewhere in my writing. Always have been and always will be. Let it be known “Truth” is I have broken a fastening device on my lawnmower. Lesson to be learned here, from me the [bolt breaker] “just once mind you”.

Don’t be in a hurry, find out the proper torquing numbers, dial it in and if eyeglasses are a part of your seeing correctly mechanism, then for goodness sake wear them while dialing up the torquing numbers, or as what happened to me, a perfectly working, one-piece bolt or stud or any fastener will and could end up a broken two piecer – OH NO! ending. Now let the fun begin (:

I Love a Good Story

Comment below my little Helper, and if you have a good story to share about working with a torque wrench, then feel free to do so. Needing to check out more car and truck stuff Guys and Girls, then head over here on the right and scroll down a bit to my recent posts.

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