Automotive Polish or Wax on – Wax off

You are looking for a great Automotive Polish that You can apply (Wax-on) and remove easily (Wax-off).

I sometimes know the thought of waxing your vehicle will feel like the above image. Just hanging in thought, but not getting anything done, sometimes for a moment or two that is okay, but don’t stall out for too long like our friend here.

The Recommended Best Polish For Your Car-Suv-Truck.

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The Year after Year Best Car Polish For A Flawless Brilliant Shine Number 1 Turtle Wax Color Magic Car Polish and Wax.

Three Things to be Considered When Shopping For The best Polish

  1. Ease of Application To The Paint Surface.
  2. The Formula Within The polish.
  3. The Cost Factor.

Ease of Application: This centers around the Wax applied to the Liquid applied polish We all have probably worked with the wax style apply, which going back a few years now, I have remembered was a bit of a chore wiping on and wiping off. Maybe a better description of wiping off would be rubbing hard to get the polish off.

I am thinking I know the answer to that dilemma, I probably caused the over-drying of the polish to my paint, which was very difficult to remove, and lunch became more important than finishing polishing my car. Was that ever a bad decision for me?

Back to the Liquid polish Apply:

When it comes to ease of application, the liquid polish is by far your best bet. The liquid polish (Turtle Wax) is so much easier to work with and flows into the paint for an easier application and polish bringing the paint on your ride to a luster.

Hence the saying (Wax on – Wax off) or in this case (polish on – Polish off).

The Formula Within The Polish:

According to some formulas, the presence of wax may be married in with the polish, making it a dual-action polishing and waxing application event.

While others will use color-specific dyes and pigments to help with the cover-up of blemishes in the paint or on the paint, such as removing scratches, swirl marks and other blemish creations. No polish ingredients to share here at this time.

Car Just Waxed

The Price:

Indication of a quality product is most of the time is the price, only if it is a worldly known product as a rule. Just remember though, that less expensive products can also do a very good job, it is just finding the one that will do it.

How Do You Make Your Car-Truck Look Great:

  1. Must Wash Car Regularly at least once a week if possible, using clean tap water and Car Washing Soap. Not like me using dish wash soap, but it does seem to work so well, I guess I don’t know any better, maybe I should find out? The whole Idea of the Car Soap wash is to preserve the paint and gently remove the dirt and rough particles that have accumulated on the Car/Truck surface without causing scratching or scuffing or even swirling on the paint surface.

  2. Here’s where the Wax Factor comes into play on the surface of your Rides Paint: After your great wash job, it is time to lay on the Wax. Here’s what is recommended after You have nicely dried off the vehicle. Get ready, get the wax. It’s a great thing for your paint to wax every month or at least every 3 months. Can we find that extra spare time somewhere in our schedules? Do remember that doing this will add a protective layer to your paint. I know we just have to find out the secret of applying the Wax the easy way.

  3. Got to remember waxing is not enough it is the polish after the wash then the wax, keep the order straight here.

  4. On a lazy day, I just do the wash, on a more energetic day I may do the wash and the polish, where are my vitamins?

  5. On a super-feeling-good day, I will Wash, I will Polish, I will Wax, and I will nap (snooze) when done.

The Summary:

The wash gets rid of Dirt Particles on the paint to prevent Scratching when applying Polish or Wax.

The Polish brings up the shine of your vehicle’s paint color.

The Wax will fill the tiny scratches that were still left after the Polishing-Buffing was completed.

Last bit of advice, at least what I do after The Wash – The Polish – The Wax on – Wax off, is to get horizontal into a Hammock

For 20 minutes or more, then go for a drive when refreshed.

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