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As I work through the Automotive on how to remove old car wax, I discovered that I was removing the wax protection from my truck, every time I washed it with dawn dish soap. UN be known to me that I was stripping off my truck’s wax, every time I washed my truck with the dawn dish soap, but what a great soap and a wonderful shine.

Never a day goes by without learning something new. My only clue was that the water was not beading and running off my truck as it used to.

Dedicated Wax Cleaner Verses Dawn Dish Soap

  • Clay Bar
  • Tar and Wax Remover
  • Optional Wax Removers

Clay Bars are as the word out there goes, an efficient method of removing those accumulated layers of old car wax. Before you apply and put the clay bar into action, first wash your vehicle once and maybe twice to remove particles of dust and grit on the surface of the paint.

Okay, time to apply the clay bar application, keeping in mind that you will want to do a section or panel at a time. Applying the clay in a back-and-forth motion preferably not a circular motion. Using light to moderate pressure by hand to create better quality effects of removing the old maybe layered wax.

Now that you have clayed the entire car completely, bring out the turtle soap car wash in your pail of water and rewash your pride and joy. Then with a soft microfiber towel, you will be catching any leftover clay residue that may be lingering.

Don’t Allow the Clay Bar to become too warm. Consider this (a flag – a concern) to be aware of. Why because the warmer it becomes then the less effective it becomes. My recommendation would be to do it in your garage or workshop out of the sun. Also do keep in mind that if the clay bar leaves the presence of your hand and gravity draws it to the ground, oops! cross-contamination has just occurred things like [ small rocks, sand, bug debris, bird droppings, and ants just to name a few ].

If so, good luck with the pick and remove debris session. By all means, the paint is your main concern, fewer scratches the better to achieve your goal.

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Tar And Wax Remover a spray on pre-wax cleaner, point, and spray is also a great way to apply the product, just be cautious and not to over-spray onto your rubber or vinyl trim areas. May cause discoloration and become very difficult to remove from the surface. After spraying on or applying wax remover spread around front to back motion again not circular design. work on panel size sections at a time, like a door panel or half a hood panel.

Two coats of spray may be needed on overpopulated waxy areas, Just keep in mind, more is not always better. When applying wax remover always have the present thought in your mind to avoid any damage to your paint’s topcoat surface. Okay, You decide, to hear a video on Dawn Dish Soap Believe it or Not?

Optional Wax Removers Maybe not, no clay bar, no spray on, how about some other alternatives that you thought you might like to try but were not sure of using for fear of altering the color of your vehicle’s paint shade?  DW 40 Will do a lot of great things it’s a household and shop name and does work great on removing tar and bug stuff from your vehicle.

As far as removing the old car wax that comes up as a big NO! Why? because there are lots of great oil benefits in the product that are not a workable agent to remove wax of any kind.

 A rubbing alcohol product will find the strength of its makeup will pretty much leave you in a distressed emotional state because of the risk to the paint while removing the old wax.

Why Should We Remove Old Wax From Our Cars – Suv’s – Trucks, the reason is the old worn-out wax due to continuous washing care maintenance to extreme sun and tough weather conditions allows the barrier between the paint and old wax to become unprotected from the environment of bug splat, acidic bird droppings, tar, and mother nature. Wax-on! Wax-off! “Coming soon to your ride”. Remember to keep many a microfiber cloth available and waiting to be put into action.

My Mission Statement: Here to help Males, Females the Young, and the Inspiring Aging who are interested In Do It Yourself (DIY). How to Repair (Fix) your rides aliments while enjoying the fulfillment of (DIY) pride.

My Conclusion For Wax Removal from your vehicle is found to be the use of brand name products that have proven their right to be called Automotive Wax Removers and used by professionals and the Do-it-Yourselves. Then applying an excellent Wax for a great-looking waxed and ready-for-the-road vehicle.

By the way, if you would like to share a comment or a story about your wax removal procedures I am all ears to hear about it, thanks for now … Yarg

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