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AstroAI Air Compressor AstroAI Digital Car Air Pump, 100 PSI 12 Volt Electric Portable Digital Tire Inflators with Extra Nozzle Adapters for Car, Bike Tires, and Automobiles is a friend in need when you are low on air and in need of a pump-up. Lightweight, Strong Body Design, Quiet Running with built-in peace of mind when it is snuggled up in the trunk of your favorite ride.

Great Options to Use

Inside The Box is where you found all the hardware that came with the 12-volt compressor, no complaints everything laid out, and counted and checked off. It’s not always that we can say, yeah! everything has been packaged properly.

Plugging Into 12Volt Outlet and the small compact compressor fires up running smoothly and very reasonably quiet to the ears, due to its motor made out of metal rather than previous models assembled with plastic motor construction. Must have been space-age plastic to handle the heat of the compressor running time of the big tire fill-ups.

Air Compressor for putting air into tires etc

I am not saying plastic is not good, because years ago when inflating the kids’ air mattresses for swimming the electric pump I used seemed to have run on for an hour or more and did the job. This older air pump was a plug into the cigarette lighter of the car.

I am a windbag but could never have blown the air mattresses up using my lung power, nope wouldn’t and couldn’t do it.

The AstroAl Air Compressor comes with air fitting to adapters to all air filling requirements from air-filled sports equipment to car tires and everything in between. The cool thing is you can plug this great little compressor into the cigarette lighter or with an adapter with Alligator clamps hook straight up to your battery power of 12 volts while out on the out on the road, by the lake or at your favorite sporting event to air up stuff. Yes just plug into your car cigarette lighter and Let’s get pumping.

Over Heating Protection

Other Great Options which make this a great fun carry on board His or Her tool is the beam of light from the small round headlight for those dark areas in need of lighting up the work area and for general seeing what you are doing or looking for something specific. Not to worry if you are running the air compressor for long periods of time, it has its own heat-sensing protection that will shut down the motor, till cool enough to operate and once again start the pump up.

I know when I overheat my recovery time takes forever, but not the AstroAl Air Compressor, it is ready for action again as soon as the metal heat deflectors cool their fins. Did I mention that this little power pack works on 12 volts not on 110 volts?

The digital readout for the designated tire pressures which you can set for your tire setting applications is a nice large round visual display area for an easy read on the current air pressure being applied.

A Few More Beneficial Pluses that make this a unique His or Her air tool with easy to use features.

  • Permanent  Magnetic Motor with Strong Power Output
  • Intelligent Anti-burn Fuse Protection against Power Surging Issues
  • Allows For Introduction of extra Air to Compensate for loss of air when removing Air Stem
  • Wide Use Inflator Applications for Cars, Motorcycles, Sports Equipment, Air Cushions, Balloons Etc…
  • Over Heat Protection Will Shut Down Compressor when Temp Reaches (100*C / 212* F)
Pressure Guage

The AstroAl Digital Air Compressor Pump 100 PSI allows you to set the recommended tire pressure before you inflate your work in progress, so as to eliminate the old way of putting in air stopping, then checking with a tire gauge, then applying more air or removing air to accomplish desired air pressure. Thus creating a more efficient and safer way for you to accomplishing tire inflation and on your favorite inflatables.

Remember to adjust the air pressure on the face of the digital readout screen with the bright yellow (+/-) buttons for an accurate tire pressure setting. I remember when I was younger much younger that not being totally aware of knowing how to understand the power of too much air being applied to my Bike tire, which resulted in a big bang and a totally flat airless destroyed tire.

Oh-Oh! Not only I blew up my tube but even worse I created this great big rip in my tire, not a good moment for a young person that lived on his bicycle, till it was time to eat or sleep at night.


I feel this would be a great asset to His or Her Air Tool collection. The two features of powering up the AstroAl Air Compressor by either the in-car feature of using the cigarette lighter for on the road inflation or off the battery terminals of the battery with the correct adapter to work outside the vehicle to pump up low air fun stuff.

I myself do not have this model, I am still using an older version air pump car plug into cigarette lighter that can also be hooked directly to my car battery with a special adapter with battery clamps. With this older style, air pump l have to go through all the extra steps of carrying a separate tire gauge.

A Note-worthy Thought Here just so that you know and keep in mind that if the tires on your car are running low on-air pressure that your vehicle will certainly consume more fuel (gas). One tire underinflated and you may not notice the extra gas consumption. I have seen cars or light trucks with 2-3 or even 4 tires low on air (under Inflated)

This low tire condition will surely convert to a lot of extra gas being used up to keep one’s vehicle moving forward on your outings.  Think of it as your vehicle pulling or dragging an imaginary load (weight) or driving on soft dirt roads, which in turn creates a drag on the vehicle which then causes the gas to be used up unnecessarily (that’s more money out of one’s pocket).

I know way too much work compared to the AstroAl Air Compressor here but until it breaks I will continue to use it. After all,  I am well into retirement. I seem to have the extra time on my hands.

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You know what if you can think of a story or even a personal occurrence that has happened to you when you were challenged putting air into something that didn’t like the amount of air pumped in then let’s hear it, I shared my experience and hope it gave you a face grin or even a full out laugh.

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